Akarshan Yantra

A Yantra is a tool or an object or a spiritual diagram. It is normally built in copper. Yantra is way or technique which is believed to be the shortest and easiest though which people may obtain their longs and fulfill their desires. It is believed that the “Gods” is located in the Yantras. If we perform worship of the Yantras, we may pacify them, eradicate the evil effects of any planet and increase course of the beneficial influences. We must maintain some procedures to place the Yantra.

Worship of Yantra may be done by the user himself or it may be presided by the pundits, priests or the gurus at the mandir. Akarshan Yantra is fairly strong and possesses a fascinating effect on the other people.

Akarshan Yantra is used to increase the attraction power and personality of a person. Before using Akarshan Yantra you must follow the basic guidelines of Yantra. Yantra is the path through which you can achieve every success in life in a shortest possible way. Akarshan Yantra will help you to fulfill your desire as well as wishes The deities are said to be resides in Yantras. Thus this Yantra must be placed in the puja ghar or in a place where you worship God and goddesses. Akarshan Yantra removes all the malefic effect of planets and increases flow of all positive influences.
Akarshan Yantra
The meaning of the term Akarshan is known as attraction. If you are average looking and have a complex over other, Akarshan Yantra will make your personality attractive in the society as well as professional background. Even the Yantra would make you attractive in such a way that even the strangers would be influenced by you.

This Yantra has wonderful power and can be used by different age and gender group. Akarshan Yantra can also make your relation cordial with your fellow friends as well as peers.

If your boss has got a caring nature and influence behavior over others, then it would mean that, he might have used Akarshan Ynatra. You can also avail the same and get fame within your work space. Akarshan Yantra would act as a miracle in attracting opposite gender toward you. Any type of cordial relationships will be developed with the use of this Yantra.

Firstly we must select an auspicious day and time of the user. Purify your body and start worship with a positive mind to energizing this Yantra. You must get a place facing east to place the Yantra. The placement of light and diya would be the next step in this procedure. Altar should be place with fresh fruit as well as fresh flowers. The plan of Yantra should be opened with the image of a particular deity. You must sprinkle water on your body as well as the Yantra by a fresh leaf of a tree. The last step would be purification of your soul and surrendering yourself for devotion. Vedic Yantras can also be energized by reciting Hindu Devis or Devas.