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Numerology can be defined as the relationship of number with human beings and natural objects. Each number in the numerology has a specific characteristic, attribute, symbolic meaning attached to it. This knowledge of numbers with their subtle purpose has been derived from the ages of research, study, and natural connection of the numerologist with the Divine. Number scan gives you the precise expression of the inner workings of the universe and its relationship with the individual. They tend to represent the voice of our soul, our destiny, and our path that makes our life worth living on this earth.

Numbers to see your destiny clearly :

One such number is the destiny number. To calculate Destiny Number, take your date of birth and add the numbers with each other until you get the root number. Take the date of birth of American singer James Lance Bass. He was born on 4th May 1979. Now add up all the numbers present in the date. 4+05+1+9+7+9= 35.
Again, 3+5= 8.
So 8 is James’s destiny number.

Eightfold path to success :

Similarly, if your result is showing as eight too, then check out these amazingly true predictions. Take a look :

  • Love for material :

    Number 8 is constituted with two 4s. 8 are known to be the epitome of the material and hedonistic world. The energy of number 8 is therefore double of Number 4. They are natural builders and preservers. They start dealing with practical things by keeping an eye to the long-term goals and benefits.

  • Balancing the priority :

    Power and balance is the central pillar of Number 8. Number 8 finds it very difficult to reconcile with their spiritual side. They mainly devote their matters to gaining power. If that power and balance come at the spiritual implication, then only they will get the chance to connect with their spirituality.

  • Easy decision-maker :

    Number 8 natives crave for recognition. They can easily take authority over anything. They may not give an inspiring speech or motivate. But they are useful planners and are expert in dividing the responsibilities. Therefore they can achieve great heights if they are n the position to manage.

  • Love for dear ones :

    Number 8 natives are very much family oriented. However, due to their obsession for work, it is challenging for them to find a life partner. They prefer not to marry for a long time. However, they can find trouble if they have confidence and faith in positivity. And like they are committed to working, they can be ultra-committed to their partner too.

  • Career concern :

    Number 8 has nag to become successful financially. That is why; the suitable careers for them are management, governance, management, business, and law.

  • On the flip side :

    They can remain materialistically satisfied till the old age. However, their personal lives will be marred with constant obstacles. They can become separated from their love or suffer from severe loneliness even after reaching the position of power.

  • Darkness lurking...

    On the darker side, they can be easily lead to a path of darker elements. Extreme hedonistic attitude can make them do illegal works like taking bribes, forging, robbing, hacking, or associated with an anti-social element. They need to control their desire for more.


In the end...

Hey 8, it is okay not to be perfect all the time! To err is human and learn to let go of things which you cannot control. Learn to have faith in yourself and seek the path of spirituality for inner solace.

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