Destiny Number 1

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Destiny Number is also popularly known as expression number. Destiny Number is predicted for understanding multiple aspects of life. You can readily know all about the career and profession that you want to enter. Or you will know about the predictions that are the reason for your very existence.

Right call of destiny :

In short, this Destiny Number is the only way where you can know more about yourself. Destiny Number is also known as the life path number. Through this number, you will come to know about aspects of life that you cannot ignore. You will even know all about the ill-effects of the wrong decision and the vices you should avoid making your life easier. This can be calculated using your date of birth. Why? That is because; date of birth is an integral part of your life. Just like your destiny, it stays with you until your death.

Calculating your call :

To find the destiny number, add up all the digits in your date of birth. After adding, take the single digit and see the significance.

A person’s date of birth is 19th March 1995. Take it in the digit format, 19.04.1995. Now start adding each other. 1+9+0+3+1+9+9+5= 37.
Thus the person is blessed with Destiny Number 1.

One champion of all destinies :

The first one in the digit cycle is also someone who is destined to lead. Natives with Number 2 are rendered to be a natural born leader.

  • Luck Jack :

    Number 1 natives are considered to be born luck lot. They are naturally endowed with leadership quality. They can lead various kinds of people under one umbrella and guide them with harmony.

  • Brimming with ambition :

    They are efficient. With their purpose, they do not hesitate to voice out their opinion. They can lay down good plans that can easily lead to profit. They can be a good entrepreneur or businessman. However, they are very spendthrift. They tend to earn and spend an equal amount.

  • Guiding Star :

    They are very patient. Number 1 natives have excellent organizational skills. They can be excellent teachers and a guide. They have the guts to put truth forwards. The can see through complex picture very clearly, which is the secret to their success.

  • Worldly desires :

    They are very logical. They have the potential to become a religious leader, also owing to their influence. However, their greedy nature is not very conducive to make them go through the path of religion. They use their intelligence to make this world a better place while remaining thoroughly into the realm of the material.

  • Path of career :

    Any career that requires leadership and practicality can be suitable for them. They can go to the profession of business, medicine, law, administration, and politics with ease.

  • Love and heart :

    In terms of heart, they are very extremes. They are very dominating. However, they know when to step aside and give their partner leads to becoming submissive. It is better for them to go for partners that are supportive and submissive.

  • Be careful :

    They are prone to bouts of ego. They can sometimes be perceived as heartless. They should not give harsh attitudes. This could be their downfall.


You wield power, use it :

You are graced with fantastic potential. You are an epitome of creativity. You have this tremendous gift to use your leadership for magic people expects from you.

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