Destiny Number 2

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Destiny Number is the direct path to the future. It shows your ultimate reason for your birth. It speaks of the growth and development of character and personality of the native over the period.

Various theories on number predictions

Destiny numbers speak of the multiple aspects that show the exact effect of all the changes in shaping up your destiny. In the words of Dr. Wayne Dyre, Destiny Numbers pull you towards the future. Destiny is a bunch of roads that can determine your pathway. The function of the Destiny Number is to make you realize the correct path for you among them.
Different schools of numerologist have various ways to determine Destiny Number. While many numerologists use your name's alphabets to find if, the secret to your true destiny is hidden in your date of birth that never changes. The idea is to add all the digits of your birth date with each other and bring to single digit number.

Magic of two :

Destiny Number is Moon heavily influences two. All the characteristics, unpredictability, serenity, calmness, rebirth, and everything is associated with Number 2 natives.

  • Cooperation :

    Cooperativeness and submissiveness are two of the principal pillars building up the destiny of Number 2 natives. They tend to agree without much pressure. They adjust to any situation you keep in front of them without a hint of resistance from the other side.

  • Shining Bright :

    Just like Moon, Number 2 is blessed with feminine and passive Yin energy. You will be shining like Moon but under the influence of someone else’s light. They will be gently influencing and can soothe any situation with empathizing mindset.

  • Roller-coaster road :

    Number 2, in spite of having such meek nature, tend to face so many ups and downs in their life. They become unnecessary victim to unwanted situations. As a result of the waste lot of their mental and physical energy only to go everything in vain. They can reach their goals, but for that, they have to make lots of choices with difficulties.

  • Friendliest of all lot :

    Number 2 can be good executives. They can naturally build up the rapport with many people at the same time. With a loyal and faithful group of friends, they can build up a positive environment. They can inspire confidence, aura, and persistence among their peers.

  • Mind reader :

    Number 2 is an expert in reading everyone's mind. Though they make some terrible decisions, yet they can adequately judge any of the outcomes. They are psychic in thei8r ability. They usually use this quality to help others.

  • Career Alert :

    The best career choices for Number 2 people are teachers, astrologer, philosopher, and therapist. Other professions that they can choose are writing, counselor, psychologist, doctor, performing arts.

  • Love and relationship :

    Number 2 can be as marvelous as a partner. They are very loyal and faithful to their better half. They crave for knowledge in their partner. They can be the right family person and parents to their children.


A light that shines in the dark !

Gentle and sweet natures are your main strength. Possessing positive qualities that are so lacking in today’s world is the real beauty. Never let it go! This is what makes you a unique soul.

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