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Destiny is something which you cannot escape. One way or other, it will affect your life and lead you into the way you are destined to walk. Your destiny is sealed on the day you are born on this earth.

Calculating your ultimate path to greatness :

But that does not mean you cannot change it into a positive one. If you exactly get a correct outline about your destiny, it will help you to come up with the counter for anything going wrong. To know the meaning and purpose of your life, always look up to your destiny number. That will help you to find the answer to all your questions.

  1. Take your date of birth.

  2. Say it is 29th April 1995.

  3. Take all the digits, 29.04.1995.

  4. Now start adding. 2+9+0+4+1+9+9+5=39.

  5. Go on adding the result till it comes to a single digit. 3+9= 12. 1+2=3.

Thus your destiny number is 3. Now, the next step is to know what is the destiny and purpose of your life according to this result. Make amends and see the difference it makes.

Three creative destiny fulfilments :

Number 3 natives are the symbol of creativity and out-of-box ideas. They are the rare combination, sun, and moon, of yin and yang, of feminine and masculine energy!

  • Planetary influence :

    The ruling planet of Number is Jupiter. The Jupiter signifies the energy that is ever expanding. Natives possess the same power that was present during the creation of the Universe. They can write and create something which itself is incredible.

  • Strength to fight :

    Number 3 natives are blessed with steady health and mind. They often take more workload than they need for making a difference. However, their fair constitution prevents them from getting caught off guard while performing any task.

  • Quiet escape :

    Just like any other natives, number 3 natives to face challenges on their way. However, just like Number 1, they are the children of luck. From any dire situation when they lose all their hopes, luck suddenly saves them.

  • Achieving reality :

    Since they are a hard worker and focused individual, they generally start from nothing to end up building an entire empire. They can transform their dream into reality. They do not sit around and brood on failure for a long time.

  • Desirable lover :

    Number 3 individuals have a warm and expressive disposition. As a result, they can attract many people. They can attract lovers very easily. They are very much loved, respected, and adored. As a partner, they are the most desirable and know the balance in every relationship. They enjoy the company and pleasures given by their partner.

  • All about karmic intervention :

    Number 3 is very much influenced by the elements of Karma and past life. Taking birth with number 3 indicates that in past life, you were prevented from achieving your heights of creativity. So, now, it is time to fulfill your creative endeavor.

  • Career masters :

    Number 3 is creativity. The profession that would suit them are designing, painting, dancing, acting, singing, and traveling. Other mainstream professions they could go for are teaching, education, philosophy, attorney and marketing, and publishing.


Make someone’s day !

You are a bringer of positivity. Bring your warmth to the life of those who are in the dark. This is your actual destiny!

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