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Root Numbers are the nine numbers that constitute the base of the numerology. From 1 to 9, each number has a specific meaning, value, and attributes. The purpose and character of these numbers are also known as vibrations of the numbers in Numerological term. People are always fascinated by the working of the Universe and how they affect the life of every individual. While searching upon the meaning and purpose of your life in this vast cosmic realm, men have discovered the power of Number effectively. The energy can be classified into various numbers that can determine the relationship between the individual and the Universe. Each force of the Universe is working separately to shape up your destiny and the path that will lead your life into a compelling way in the long run.

To check your future bad the purpose, you must be aware of your destiny number. To calculate your destiny number, add up all the digits in your date of birth with each other. If the result of your calculation is 7, then you need to know the attributes and the predictions that are coming with Number 7.
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  • Number 7 is considered to be one of the most promising numbers in the arena of Numerology. Individual bearing this number can experience heightened exploration of their inner soul. They are gifted with the power of spirituality and serenity.

  • If you have Number 7, get ready to become everyone’s apple of eyes. People would vie for your attention and your advice. Your easy going disposition will attract many people. In turn, you can adapt to any kind of situation with a smile in your face. Everyone likes this quality.

  • As 7, you possess a significant amount of creativity and mastery. You can easily toggle your mind from the spiritual realm into the physical realm. You have genuinely mesmerizing destiny since you have balanced tow opposites within you!

  • & possess extremely gifted analytical and inquisitive power. They have the talent to create and question. They can act like someone which brings change gradually and by remaining in the background. They are multitalented with various aptitudes.

  • You can have myriads of career choices it is highly unlikely that you become unsuccessful in any of them. If you choose, spiritual and religious path, you will achieve completeness or ‘Moksha' by connecting yourself totally to the Almighty. Since you are analytical, you can be great advisers. You can be an excellent scientist, counselor, lawmaker, judge, professor, teacher, writer, and clergy are the best possible choices for them.

  • In romance, however, they are bit withdrawn. In fact, they are attracted to a person if only that person is as deeply spiritual and analytical as they are. They are very fussy regarding life partner.

  • Individuals with a Destiny number 7 have answers for all issues, its splendid debaters, which decrease capably contest to settle. Their methodology varies from objectivity, common sense, and inventiveness.

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