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What is Destiny Number or Fadic Number Numerology and how to calculate


Fadic Destiny Number is the number that is calculated by incorporating the name and the numbers that are corresponding to each of the alphabets in the Numerology. To calculate your Destiny Number or Fadic Number, you need to take the name that is given at the time of your birth or your name in the birth certificate. Even if you do not use the name in your daily or professional life, you must refer to the full birth name only while calculating the destiny number.

For instance, if you have Josephine Clarke in your birth certificate but known as Jojo always in your profession or personal life, then you need to use Josephine Clarke to calculate your Destiny Number.

Based on your name, segregation, you will know about the prediction of your life.

  • The first Name denotes the person's life purpose. It will give you a hint about the reason you were born on this earth. It will provide you with a clear picture of what will become of your life and what you need to achieve in this lifetime.
  • Middle Name (if you have, else it will be revealed in the last name itself) reveals your suppressed desires and the hidden talents.
  • The last Name reveals the traits and characteristics that you have inherited from your parents and family.

Now refer to the below table to know the alphabet and its corresponding number:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


Now it’s time to find out your destiny number. Your name, Josephine Clarke, has these corresponding numbers. Add up all the numbers that are correspondent to each letter. If the result is two digits, then keep on adding both the number till you get a single digit number.

J 1
O 6
S 1
E 5
P 7
H 8
I 9
N 5
E 5
C 3
L 3
A 1
R 9
K 2
E 5
Total 73. 7+3=10, 1+0=1

So, the destiny number of Josephine Clarke is 1.
Now let us know about the particular numbers and what do they hint about your destiny :


Number 1 :

Individuals with this number ought to endeavor to be leaders. They should be the person who steps up to the plate and takes control. These individuals have a problem-solving attitude and don't consequently pursue the group.

Number 2 :

Number 2 can work efficiently with a team. They are the creator of harmony, balance, and are very diplomatic.

Number 3 :

Individuals with this number are exceptionally uplifting to other people. They are sure and energetic. They have the specialty of drawing out the best in others.

Number 4 :

Number 4 can efficiently maintain stability and order. They are natural builders who can manage and organize anything by sheer hard work.

Number 5 :

These individuals ought to have the opportunity. Their predetermination is to investigate, find new things, and grasp change.

Number 6 :

These folks are caregivers and nurture their family and closed ones. They always make others need as their priority and give everything to solve them.

Number 7 :

This is tied in with going into to profundity of whatever you are examining. Flawlessness is another ethicalness of the number 7. This individual is to discover knowledge and offer that astuteness with others.

Number 8 :

They prosper in business. It is about power and power. This is a street towards material riches realized with respectability.

Number 9 :

These individuals need to liberally connect with the world and work to join together, mend, or help in whatever way conceivable. This is unqualified love that goes a long ways past the close family.

Things to remember :

  • If you have suffix at the end of your names like I, II, IV, Jr., Sr or anything, they would not be included in the calculation of your destiny number. Even if you have the same name as your family member, destiny number is ultimately just a part of full numerological; chart. So the result of the final numerological; chart will be ultimately different.
  • If the result of the calculation is 11, 22 or 33, do not add them up. Instead, keep them as it is. They are Master Number with extraordinary ability and power. They can bring an exceptional difference in your prediction.

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