Graha Mantra

Mantras are formed with the Sanskrit syllables which is decorated o yantras. It is a thought form which indicates celestial strength. It applies its power through the mystic sound vibration which produces a definite type of energy. Mantra saves the native who performs it. Nowadays it is heard in all fields. The mantras are invented by some legend prophet for the wellbeing of the world. They imagined the mantras by their great meditation and sacrament.

Actually, mantra is meditation about specific feeling or though which are helpful. Mantra produces sole impression on body and mind by practicing the meditation atypical and exact way. Its result not only limited to the specific person but also the environment condition. The magical strength of mantras is ringing in all the areas.

Let everybody achieve fulfillment and comfort in his life. Let the earth be wealthy. Among many mantras, few Hindu mantras are exercised in everyday prayers and rituals. These mantras are memorized by the heart since the childhood in the Hindu customs. Owing to the Sanskrit language, sometimes the meanings of mantras are not understandable. We must practice mantra along with its meaning. Without intimating the meaning and ambition of mantra its exercise may not lead to necessary result. The Vedic Astrology of India suggests reciting mantra as a medicine for feeble planets to decrease the malign effect of planet.

Mantra for Sun (7,000 times): Om hraan hreen hraun s suryaae nama

Mantra for Moon (11,000 times): Om shraan shreen shraun s chandramase nama

Mantra for Mercury (9,000 times): Om braan breen braun s budhaaye nama

Mantra for Venus (16,000 times): Om draan dreen draun s shukraaye nama

Mantra for Jupiter (19,000 times): Om graan green graun s gurve nama

Mantra for Saturn (23,000 times): Om praan preen praun s shanaye nama

Mantra for Mars (10,000 times): Om kraan kreen kraun s bhomaaye nama

Mantra for Rahu (18,000 times): Om bhraan bhreen bhraun s raahve nama

Mantra for Ketu (17,000 times): Om sraan sreen sraun s ketve nama

The celestial energy we obtain possess various energies which is coming from various cosmic bodies. As we are the part of the Solar system, the energies arriving from the celestial bodies come down on us. It is sucked up by our body. These are much needed energy for us. It makes our everyday actions and decisions. When we continuously recite a mantra, we are changing to a specific frequency and the frequency sets up a link with the celestial energy and draws the energy into people’s body and the atmosphere. As a result we can maintain the balance of energy and occurrences. As an example, if we raise the energy level of Mercury then it helps us to take a clever step in the business. Or if you are suffering from headache, eye problems, hearts problems then you have lack of Sun’s energy. You need to recite the Sun mantra. The Sun mantra will also help in obtaining the property of parents. It will help to solve the problems with government officials or Boss. The Sun mantra is the most fruitful technique.