9th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    9th House The 9th house is the house of righteousness, divinity, and wisdom. It is also called the House of the Father. It represents any fortune earned by the native as result of the good deeds done by the native in the past life. This is a very prosperous house and also determines the luck of the native.
The wisdom and divinity is also associated with philosophy and religion. Any religious activity, inclination towards religion and temples, churches, mosques or other holy places and meditative nature is depicted by the 9th house. If Jupiter is rightly placed in the 9th house, the native tends to be orthodox religious, and generous. The native tends to intuitive if the Saturn is placed in the house in combination with Sun or Mercury.

9th house is the house of luck. Strong 9th house and strong 9th lord makes one very lucky. If strong 9th lord combined with any of the Kendra house (1st, 4th, 10th) house lord then its forms a great rajyoga for the native. If 9th house is weak it makes the person fails in every target and delay in success. The native is also becomes unfortunate to get any foreign travel or fruitful result from any foreign travel.

The 9th house also represents dreams and visions, especially the peculiar ones. It also indicates long term journeys and travel to farther places and an association with foreign land and foreign people. These associations in most cases tend to fruitful. The wisdom represented by the 9th house relates to higher education which is governed by the 5th house. The 9th house brings about the belief of a “guru” or a teacher and this guru governs the 9th house.

This is the place that may point to a deep willing for motivation above and further than the everyday life. The native is of theoretical type. He is interested and concerned about the world, people with different coulters. The resident may be enormously restless and dissatisfied if he does not have an exact aim in his mind. He may find himself willing to be somewhere else at the time of his unhappiness. He may imagine that he needs to travel for his happiness. Though, this outlook may only keep him from enjoying and getting better upon the circumstance he is at present. It is very much important that he must avoid the thinking such as the grass is greener on the other side of the river.

The native of the ninth house has a strong desire for the things which are far way and abroad or for the things which he never experienced in past. He want to fully dunk himself in the feelings and experiences of a newly place. The natives are also emotionally restless and something of a bird of passage.

The 9th house is the most important house in a horoscope. This implies that the more planets placed in this house, the better results for the native. In this house, even the malefic planets tend to give auspicious results.