6th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    6th House The sixth house is linked with the 4 main aspects of one’s life- enemies, debts, illness and government job or service. This house represents any illness, disease or ailment that native may have. It also shows any sort of recovery that the native maybe going through. If the 6th lord of the native is placed in the Lagna, or the 1st house or if the Lagna planet is placed in the 6th house, the native will have bad health.

The sixth house also represents one’s diet and its effects on the native’s health. While Mercury makes a person eat a lot of fatty foods, Saturn shows that the native is not well- nourished. Both Mars and Jupiter represent good health but also tend to make the native over- indulge in eating, hence causing bad health too sometimes

This house also represents one’s subordinates and his superiors and their behavior irrespective of who serves who. If the 6th house has beneficial planets, then these subordinates will prove to be faithful and profitable for the native. But if the house has malefic planets, then the subordinates maybe treacherous and the cause of any loss for the native.

The sixth house of an individual’s chart provides an effect upon the relationships of the resident with the people who are surrounding him. Mainly it highlights on his relations and communications at his working place. We may get the information about the loyal and disloyal persons to the native of sixth house. The sixth house describes the quantity of support an individual might have from his surroundings.

From Sixth house one can predict enemies in every steps of life. Enemy is also important to make one become competitive, learner, topper. At the same time it can make one’s life full of sorrow. Strong 6th house make one break all the trap and win over enemies to the path of success. If 6th house is weak, then it indicates loss of property, mental pressure, other harm made by enemies.

Sixth house disclose the monetary support an individual would be obtaining. This house may affect the tendency of the individual towards restricted and illegitimate actions. At the end of the day he may suffer imprisonment.

Since 6th house is also the house of debts and loans, placement of beneficial planets will lead the native to successfully raise the loans while placement of malefic planets may lead to trouble and loss in loans. Other factors governed by the 6th house are the pets and animals, the cattle, the hygiene and the clothing.

The person who possesses the sixth house in his birth chart may be bitten by snake. It may turn into a life risk matter. This house also denotes the accident and operation an individual may face.

An individual may face intestine problem or suffer from tuberculosis, kidney or eye disease. Woman may face problem in the umbilical (Membranous duct connecting the fetus with the placenta area.