1st House (Ascendant) in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    1st House 1st House, First House, known as the lagna or ascendant, is mainly responsible for an individual's physique, shape, and color. 1st House, First House deals with the general health conditions of an individual. 1st House, First House determines the mental capacity, temperament, character, behavior, good luck and bad luck of the individual. This house also tells how much fame, honor, property, status and comfort a person will gain during his life. Please  Click HERE to know your ascendant or lagna.
1st house denotes the technique we present ourselves to the others and the 1st effect we create. It is also known as your Astrological cover. It can only be decided by providing the person’s exact birth time. Except the accurate time of the birth, the 1st house and the real beginning point of the individual's house is just an assumption.

1st House, First House determines the will power of an individual to progress in life. This house tells whether an individual has an opportunity to live abroad or not. 1st house is the mind, it is for him or herself. It is the house which determines self respect, self image, mind power. It also determines the overall health, strength of mind and body and soul. From the lord of the firsr house, one can describe the nature of the person in general and the motivation in life. Like if the lord of 1st house is Jupiter then the person will be wise and always learning ne things in entire life. There will be no time the person will not be teaching or learning.

If any planet is placed within 8 Degree of the ascendant then it will have an obvious control on the personality of an individual. If the Sun is placed on the 1st house of an individual then the sense of leadership skills and strong self – awareness will develop.

But, if there is a difficult aspect to the planet Sun in the 1st house then some problem may occur in conveying an individual's personal identity, confidence and distinctiveness. When the planet Sun gets challenging aspects to the planet Saturn or the Pluto then the individual is exceptionally self – conscious about sticking out though self – consciousness is a significant part of his life which needs to be developed. Who possesses the planet Sun in the 1st house often find out best thing through his experience.

1st House, First House is responsible for head and upper area of the face. Any changes in these areas may be due to the changes in 1st House, First House. As we have seen that this house controls an individual's outer personality, luck, misfortune, status etc during the life course, that is why, it can affect development of hands and legs, desolation, happiness and hair. 1st House, First House decides an individual's ways of earning money. It may indicate the possibility of gambling in a person's life as well.

If Saturn appears in this house along with two other planets (Ketu and Rahu), it indicates that individual will be lazy. There is also possibility that wife of such an individual will face difficulties during pregnancy and may go through abortions as well. On the other hand, if Mercury and Mars appear in 1st House, First House, the person will be active.