Names and synonyms of the Masjid: Many architectural wonders were constructed at the reign of the Mughat Emperor Shah Jahan. Taj Mahal is the most famous among them. The Moti Masques got the nickname “Pearl Mosque” for it gleamed like a pearl. It is said that this mosques was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his royal court members. Moti Masque is located at the premises of the Agra Fort.

This is one of the famous mosques in India which is been laid down by one of the Muslim female personality. The beautiful mosque has been built in the year 1860. As compared to other Muslim women, Sikandar Begum and Sikandar Jehan Begum were not at all conventional. Both of them used to dress up like a man. Sikandar Jehan Begum used to go out by riding on a horse without a specific cause. She also had a dagger tugged inside her belt. Moti Masjid

Place: Moti Masjid is located in the town of Bhopal. This town is been able to known as the place for liberty for women. This trend has been set up by Sikander Begum. Begum was really very oriental. She provided values to the reformers as well as the past history of mankind but at the same time she was really very enthusiastic to come out with the modern ideas. Previously, the city was dominated with the culture of slavery. She came to the power and abolished the entire social evil and constructed beautiful monument in that particular area. 

Description: Visitors would find the resemblance of Moti Masjid architecture with that of Saint Basil’s cathedral. The ground in which the particular mosque is built up is having a slope from east to west.

The stands of masjid is upright near the “Diwan-E-Aam” i.e. “Court for Common People” in the Agra fort. The prayer hall of the masjid locates at the West. There are separate prayer hall for the ladies on either sides of the main prayer hall. These halls are decorated with marbled fretwork screens. You will absolutely find the courtyard of Moti Masjid just inside the arcades. You will have a look at the sanctuary which is been associated with bulbulous domes.

The dome is specifically been structured with the wall of red sandstone as well as light white marble.

You can visit seven bays which is been associated with typical stylish architecture. The cost of the Masjid was one and half lakhs. The time taken to make this stylish Masjid was around four years. Moti Masjid

Interesting facts about the place: You would definitely find the architecture of the mosque with an ornate decoration. This style has been adopted by the individuals from the time of Shah Jahan. The mosque is eventually situated in the banks of river Yamuna. The par pet associated with the temple has got a sequence of domed kiosk. This has been made with the style of Hindu architecture. You may visit the main pulpit which is aloof at the four steps apart from the mosques that has got the level over three steps.