Himachal Pradesh Holiday 2024

Himachal Pradesh ia a beautiful state in known for its hill stations and tourist hotspots in himalayas. It is the host to the Dalai Lama and has a strong Tibetan presence. This state celebeartes many cultural and national festivals. The most famous is the Kullu Dusshera. A beautiful fair is organised every october in the Dhaipur Maidan of Kullu valley. This is considered an international fair attracting tourists from all around the world every year. It starts on Vijay Dashmi and goes on for seven days. The traditional folk dance of Kullu valley, the nati dance is performed at this fair.
Another regional festival is Losar. This festival is celebrated to mark the Tibetan ethnicity of Himachal Pradesh. It is celebrated on the new year day of the Tibetan Calender. It is celebrated for about fifteen days but the most grand celebrations are observed between February 26 and 29. Losar was historically the period when apricot trees used to blossom. Iver the years, it came to be celeberated as the Tibetan new year. More regional festivals of this state includes,