Business Partner Astrology Compatibility

When two or more people get together with their ideas and visions to achieve a business goal, they form a partnership to run a successful business. A good partnership brings a great success and earns reward from the field of business. But due to the bad partnership, you may face the failure and loss in business.

Both the business partners may not be good friends or good siblings or good spouses. All are determined by different set of planets in Indian Moon sign based astrology. A great business partner relationship will have common goal. With the strong vision one can fill others Gap in business and one may able to form business luck while being together.

Business Partner Astrology Compatibility
What is the feature of a great partner in the fields business? Various sample analysis on this area provides you the following Indian astrology rules related to business.

    a) Significance of Mercury in One partner’s chart In Business Partner Astrology: If one of the partners should have strong Mercury in birth chart and Mercury should be in Kendra House to Another partner’s Mercury. This law will create a good visionary partnership with strong communication and client relationship. There is no remedy here. In that case you have to form a new partnership.

b) Significance of Venus in One’s Birth Chart in Business Partner Astrology : If one of the partners has strong Venus in birth chart, then that will bring good amount wealth while they will engage in a business together. This will not follow any rule. But it will be a smooth journey in terms of business.

    c) Strong Saturn in one of the partner’s Horoscope
: If one of the partners has Strong Saturn in the birth chart and is not in conjunction or is accepted by any malefic planet or Jupiter, Mars, Moon, then this will bring a long bond in business and steady success in longer term. This law is important for greater growth and expansion in business. In-stead of that if you have to face any kind of problems regarding business, then Indian astrology provides a remedy to overcome your problems.

    d) Moon sign compatibility: This is most effective law that works in business astrology. If one of the partners Moon Sign should be on 1st, 3rd, 4th house, then it would be a successful bonding in terms of business. Otherwise this bond will fail in business. This is a must to have rule in any business partnership.

    e) Western Sun Sign compatibility : Western Astrology provides sun sign compatibility for business partners who are generic in nature and applicable for any kind of friendship (friend, sibling, spouse, etc.). For your reference the match table is given bellow:

Sun sign match

In MoonAstro, we have made an attempt using Business Partner Astrology Compatibility to make you understand how business compatibility is calculated. Instead of paying money, you can yourself understand the law works behind this and can predict the same. Hope this will be helpful to you.