Chinese Auspicious Animals

Chinese believe that they are the posterity of dragon. This fact is imbedded in the mind and culture of the Chinese. In the West, the dragon is believed as an evil, though the Chinese believe dragon’s influence for good. Some animals are believed as auspicious in the Chinese Astrology. They are-

Green Dragon: According to Chinese, dragon has the ability to bring good luck. The pictures of dragon have been transformed as time passing by. They become more mythological and superb in the each generation. In the Chinese painting, the dragons are normally painted as lengthy, serpentine thing which has four legs. They have the control over natural calamity, such as flood, water, rainfall. It is regarded as the luckiest animal in world. It brings wealth, pleasure and good luck.

Turtle: Turtle is not only auspicious but also good looking creatures. It should be a fabulous present to your friend or family. It must be made by copper. The black turtles show good health, harmony, and long-life. They are the healthiest animal in nature.

Phoenix: the Phoenix is the sign of rebirth. It is the most eminent bird in Feng-shui. It is frequently matched with the dragon to represent nuptial gladness. In the Feng-shui, Phoenix is related with fire and its direction is towards South. Hence, if you keep an image or statue of Phoenix, it helps you to increase your fame. This unreal bird flames itself in every 500 years along the ill elements of the nature. Then take birth again. It’s shown the construction and annihilation.

Unicorn: Unicorn represents liberty. It is a favourite sign for those who like travelling. A horse’s image may be kept at the executive table to strengthen the image as the powerful man. It is an unreal horse of white colour. It has the ability for flying. It is regarded as the sign of physical desire morality and means the word of God. It is regarded as the most imposing among all other animals.

Fish: It may be a dominant sign to get better luck and wealth. They are mainly used in aquarium to attract fate and achievement. As per Feng shui, it may forgo itself to save you from the danger along with bad lucks by giving his life. Few popular fishes are gold fish, rowan carp, flower horn, carp etc.

Kylin: It is a mixture appearance of the head of dragon, horn of deer, foot of horses, a tail of cattle, forehead of the wolf and a multi coloured sauté. Kylin is bright and calm but brave to the devils. It is believed by some people that its custom will help them to provide a son.