Chinese Animal Signs (Chinese Lunar Signs)

There are 12 Animal Signs in Chinese Astrology. Each of the animal rules a Chinese year in the sequence as it mentioned here. Twelve Animals are Rat Sign, Ox Sign, Tiger Sign, Rabbit Sign, Dragon Sign, Snake Sign, Horse Sign, Sheep Sign, Monkey Sign, Rooster Sign, Monkey Sign, Dog Sign and Pig Sign. Every person born in a Chinese year that has animal sign (Chinese lunar sign) as per the respective birth year. Characteristic of the person born in the animal sign is as follow.

Rat : Rats are greedy and they are rich but often liberal and big hatred toward their own kith and kin.

Chinese Lunar Signs
They know where their interests are. Rats are quick tempered and short-tongued. Rats are extremely intelligent and can become scientist. They like adventures. They like to explore new world and always a good learner. They have ability to become great scientists, doctors or engineers.

Ox : Ox or Bull are very sturdy, dependable and born with leadership qualities. He never gets diverted from his goal and very much methodical in approach. Ox person expects appreciation for good work otherwise gets hearted. They are great lover , very good and reliable friend and loyal to the spouse. Ox is an ideal lover for any men or women.

Tiger : A person born in Tiger sign is authoritative. They are self-processed with magnetic charm. They are courageous, novel, good hearted and a good fighter. He is normally calm and cool, but if he is provoked, then he can become the most dangerous and can cause lot of harm. He often looses his/her emotional control. If he can have control on his /her emotions and anger, he can go to the top in power.

Rabbit : Rabbits are compassionate, attractive, calm and sweet natured. They are intelligent and extremely popular among all. Rabbit is Romantic and gives more than what he receives. He is loved by others and gets help from all the family members and friends when he is in trouble. He generally does everything to avoid fights. Rabbits can be the most lovable and loyal spouse, He is very sensitive in nature and reacts quickly.

Dragon : Dragon are the most powerful and fortunate among all the Chinese animal signs. A person born in Dragon sign is full of energy. Dragon is courageous and strength person. They have lots of stamina with a attractive personality. They are lucky in terms of money, love and career. They are very rich. They are born to become a leader.

Snake : A person born in the Snake sign is sensual, introvert and disarmingly smart. They are diplomatic and jealous. They are possessive lover but expect lots of loyalty from the spouse. They are dangerous and react badly if someone hearts a Snake person, then the person will suffer a lot for hearting other. This nature is an obstacle for career growth in a native. Snake born should be humble and modest to achieve the success in life.

Horse : They are charming and attractive to the opposite gender. They are very romantic and having full of seductive charms. They are with immense power and energy to explore and learn things. They like to travel various places and gets job that involves travels. They are capable of talking readily, glibly, and convincingly so they carry the day with social gatherings. They take risks and wins over competitors. To succeed in life they should be patience and share responsibilities with others.

Sheep (Goat) : Sheep born persons are creative in nature and they are day dreamer. They are fit for any job involves innovation or artistic works. They are not materialistic. They are very emotional person and they easily loose their mental equilibrium. They spend lots of money and time for the opposite gender. They can be managed easily. To get success in Life and get a beautiful life they need to control emotions.

Monkey : A person born in Monkey sigh are energetic and charming. They has the potential to become celebrity as he is gifted with the skill of intellectual humor and very sharp mind. Their intelligence made them feel pride and makes themselves loosing morality. They are not good lover, as they don’t respect or cares the lover and shows bad attitudes and is not serious about any long term relationships. They can break hearts easily. To have a beautiful life Monkeys are recommended to respect and care for others.

Rooster : A person born in Rooster sign are keenly observant as they are gifted with power to keep eye on each individual details at the same time. For this quality they can become good analytics, scientist, lawyer, financial manager, marketing head, etc. Roosters are very much straightforward in their talk and in any dealings. They do not hide anything and truthful and makes no guilty.

Dog : A person born in this sign is unpredictable in nature. He is truthful and can be trusted. They are a good listener and can be a good friend. They are hot-tempered and loose temperament very often if situation goes bad around them. Their discerning behavior can make them big businessman. He should control his temperament and continue to be truthful, loyal and passionate about what they do to lead a great life and gain success.

Pig : A person born in Pig sign is the most liberal and honorable among all the other signs. They are well-behaved gentle to them who is nice to them. They live lavish life style with rich food, rich environment and spends a lot for lover. He likes helping others in need and likes to receive appreciations. If a Pig born is discarded in Love then they takes revenge physically and making physical harm. They like to remain in home and in small circle which is the obstacle for their growth in life. It is advised to open up to the world which will allow him to grow to their best..