Finance or Money Astrology

Finance or Money astrology can pertain either to a general audience, an individual’s earnings or the finance of a company, business or a firm. Professionally, finance or money astrology is demanded in two ways.

For a country, the 2nd house will determine its financial situation. A businessman chooses the date to define the readings in a major way. For instance, the date of the very beginning of the business will make a chart for its overall life while the date of the business makes its first investment or transaction. It will result in a chart concentrating majorly on finances.

Finance Money Astrology
For any company, the meanings of all the 12 houses have been defined with respect to financial or money astrology. These are as follows:

In Finance or Money Astrology, The 1st house provides the description of the business itself.
The 2nd house is responsible for the profits and economic condition of this company.
The 3rd house becomes the house of any communication that takes place inside the company itself. This could be announcements to pass of paperwork from one office to another and so on.

The fourth house deals with employees of the company. The 5th house defines any plans and procedures that the company has undertaken or plans to undertake. The 6th house deals with the output of the company. It decides what kind of products this company deals with and any problems or advantages related to it.
The 7th house represents the partnerships that this company may have. The 8th house defines the expenses that go into running of this company. The 9th house becomes the house of progress, growth and it can determine that whether this company will have chains or not. The 10th house is the house of the enemies, i.e., the companies that will compete with this one. The 11th house is ruled by any blessings, favors or charities that this company will receive. And the 12th house will reflect the faults and defects in the company that may argue its progress.

        Thumb rule for Finance or Money Astrology is 11th House on one's Birth chart is Earning.

        12th House on one's Birth chart is Expence. And

        2nd House on the Birth chart is the final saving or Bank Balance, Finance condition.

Then, even the different signs have their specific meanings in relation to financial or money astrology. They are as follows:
Aries represents being challenging and energetic. Taurus represents strong, stable and old fashioned things. Gemini represents exchange of thoughts and being sketchy. Cancer represents a mother- like nature of kindness and care

Leo is the sign of pride and kingship. Virgo is the sign of being cautious and giving attention to details. Libra is the sign of any formal negotiations made and Scorpio is a confusing sign that represents secrets. Sagittarius represents far-sightedness. Capricorn represents to charge of important decisions. Aquarius represents uniqueness and lastly. Pisces represents giving up easily.