Names and synonyms of the church: You will be able to find various old and new churches all around India. Among the typical and oldest churches, Santa Cruz Basilica has been a remarkable one. In 1505, this church has been constructed by Portuguese people living at the place. Just after few years, an eminent Pope provided a different status to the church. Pope named Paul IV has elevated the status of church to that of a cathedral. The status of cathedral has been found in the year 1558. Santa Cruz Basilica

Place: This is one of the oldest churches having its location at Cochin. A group of people with Dutch religion who have got a fascination of invasion have not. They have already demolished some catholic buildings but astonishingly, they left this cathedral.

The church was demolished by a British ruler and has been reconstructed in the year 1887. This was done due to the order made by Bishop Dom Gomez Vereira.

In the year 1984, the particular title has been provided as Basilica by the legend, Pope John Paul II. People visiting Kerala would be really happy to visit the wonderful heritage of the country. At present this church is located at the eastern side of the Children’s Park, Fort Cochin.

Description: The wonderful place as well as the church which is having a historic significance is known as Santa Cruz Basilica. The place has been endowed by the architecture of the nation with the artistic grandeur. The colors used at the cathedral are with gothic style. This church is very closely located to St Francis church. After the arrival of Portuguese missionaries which was associated with second Portuguese, Pedro Álvares Cabral.
There was a king to be ruled in the kingdom of Cochin where there was a war against the kingdom. Commander Dom Afonso de Albuquerque has come to Cochin in the years 1503. He was the person to defeat the enemies of the king who have been the ruler of the kingdom for years. Santa Cruz Basilica

Interesting facts about the place: In the year 1505, the Pedro Álvares Cabral was the only person to get the permission from the king of Cochin to make this cathedral. This church was constructed by use of typical stone as well as mortar. The structure is built so well that, it resembles as a temple or a royal palace. On 3rd of May 1505, the foundation stone have been laid.

Santa Cruz Cathedral is one of the 8 basilicas in India at present. In the year 2004, this church completed its five hundred years of its existence. The architecture of church is a mixture of Indo – European and the gothic style. The creation of the podium and the wooden paneling of the church are very much notable. The Italian paintings provide the church a magnificent look throughout the five hundred years, i.e. the original foundation of the Santa Cruz Church.