Names and synonyms of the place: One of the well known Hindu pilgrimages which is located at an altitude of 2,286 meter height is known as Rudranath temple. The temple is build in the natural curvature of the mountains. Some of the people have found the natural curvature of the Himalayas with the face of Lord Shiva. Rudranath Temple Rudra means anger which is been displayed in the curvature of Himalayas. Rudra much means angry face of Lord Shiva.

Place: Rudranath temple is located at the forest of Uttarakhand. The exact name of the place is known as Gaurikund. This place is really known for the Hindu pilgrimage. The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. The name of Lord Shiva with this particular pilgrimage is known as Neelkantha. The visitors would visit the place would be blessed with eternal bliss as well as peace. People who have got lots of stress in life can eventually visit this pilgrimage and experience the peaceful environment.

Due to the power of Lord Shiva at this pilgrimage, the place where the temple is situated is known as Dev bhoomi. Thus the state of Uttarakhand is known as the land of God as well as Goddesses.It may give a distinct peaceful holy feeling to the pilgrimage which may carried away for a moment.

Description: Rudranath temple is known as one of the sacred place where all the god and goddesses assembles together. People would have a look at various deities at the lap of Virgin nature.

The name of the temple has also been allocated at the Hindu mythology. People visiting the place would be able to visit the edge of rusty sword. This is been worshiped by people at Nandikund. This is the powerful sword which is known to have used by the Pandavas during Mahabharata. Rudranath Temple In the Winter season, an emblematic image of Lord Shiva is brought to the Gopeshwar for worship. The Doli Yatra begins from Gopeshwar through Sagar. This yatra crosses Lyuti Bugyal and Panar. Lastly it reaches Pitradhar. Here we do worship of ancestors. After crossing the Dhalabni Maidan, the images of Lord Shiva reaches Rudranath. At first, Vandevi is idolized. Local people belief that Vandevi save the area. The Rudranath Temple celebrates a yearly fair on the full moon day in the July – August. This day we observe the Raksha Bandhan Festival. Mainly local people come in the fair. Rudranath Temple’s priests are Bhatts and Tiwaris of the Gopeshwar village.

Few holy Kunds near Rudranath temple are Suryakund, Chandrakund, Tarakund. The celestial river, Baitarini passes behind the Rudranath Temple.

Some interesting facts about the place: There are different types of adventurous activities which an individual can carry on with a visit to Rudranath temple.

Trekking is one of the adventurous activities which an individual must carry on while visiting the sacred place. It is important to take assistance from a local guide to find out the route as it will not be really easy for individuals to carry on with the same without proper knowledge about the roads.