Name and synonyms of the temple: During the occasions like Durga puja, Kali puja, Ganesh chaturthi, and the experts making the pandals had made themes of Lotus temple in many places. This is one of the most famous tourist spot where the top most position of the temple is been shaped as Lotus, the national flower of India. This is the only temple which has got the title as “Mother Temple of Indian subcontinent”. The shape of the flower at the top of temple has provided its name as Baha i house of worship. Lotus Temple

Place: The Lotus temple is situated at the capital of India. This has been one of the most popular attractions of all the visitors who have come to Delhi for a visit. The structure is not very old as it has been completed in the year 1986.

As per the expert archeologist,  the temple has got many awards due to its wonderful architecture and concept. There is no restriction for people to get inside this temple. People with any religion and any caste can get inside the temple and have a look at the same.

The most important part of the same is the national integration. This is an ultimate gathering place where people with all the religion get associated with the glory of the temple. This place is the perfect environment for wisdom, peace and meditation.

Description: You can visit 27 standing free marble clad known as petals of Lotus flower. There are all arranged in a cluster of three petal from exactly nine sides. The central hall of the temple has got an area of 40 meters.

The hall is made in such a shape that it can exactly hold a population of 2,500 people together. The hall surface is made really attractive with white marble. These marbles have been brought from Greece. Lotus Temple The construction of Lotus Temple took 10 years before open the temple for the common people. 800 engineers, artisans, technicians and workers worked industriously. This temple put together the artistic value along with the technical influence within the complete structure. 9 reflecting lakes covers the temple from the outer side.

Lotus stands for peace, love, purity and immortality. This exceptional matter of the Lotus Flower makes it a significant icon in the Indian culture. This is because the planning of the Lotus Temple has been motivated by Lotus flower. .

The wonderful architecture has been carried on with the personality with Iraq origin.

Other interesting facts about the place: Inauguration of the temple took place in the year 1986. Great personalities from different parts of the nation were invited to attend the inaugural ceremony. Since the inception of this particular attraction till 2002, more than 50 million of visitors have visited the place.

This is one of the most important place of all the visitors. The concept of making lotus temple is been made as a replica in various Hindu temples. Fariborz Sahba, a Persian architect from Canada constructed this beautiful building.