Names and synonyms of the temple: People from different parts of the world are having devotion towards the Lord Shiva. He is one of the most powerful God who have been one of the three god while creation of the earth. Kedarnath temple is the powerful temple of Hindu religion which is entirely dedicated to Lord Shiva. Since the temple is located high up in the hills, it is not accessible by road. People need to reach the uphill trek, in order to visit this powerful temple. Kedarnath

Place: The location of Kedarnath temple is at Garhwal hills of Himalayan range. People would have to come to Uttarakhand district inorder to reach Kedarnath temple. The temple is quite near to the Mandakini River In Kedarnath. Kedarnath People cannot visit the temple throughout the year. The cold climate of the Himalayan range would not allow individuals to visit the place during the winter.

The temple remains open within the period of April end to the autumn. During the winter season, the idol of god is brought to Ukhimath. This is the place where the idol is worshiped for the rest of six months.

Description: The name given to Lord Shiva in Kedarnath is “Lord Kedar khand”. Mostly the Tamil Nayanars saints praised the particular temple and idol placed there. It is said that the temple has been built by Adi Shankaracharya. The most important part of the temple is the Jyotirlingas. There is an old temple over here which is known as the actual temple. Even today, the experts could not say the exact date of its construction. There was a war between Pandavas and Kauravas. During the war between two groups, Lord Vishweshwara was placed in Kailasa. Pandavas left Kashi and reached Himalayas. They wished to see Lord Shakara but he had hidden himself from they just because they created sins. He did just because if the individuals who have committed sin would see him meditating once, they would get their sins washed away.

Other information about the place: There was a tug of war and at last the face of buffaloes went straight towards Nepal. Kedarnath After the Jyotirlinga appeared there, Lord Shiva had appeared there from the light of Lingas. Pandavas had got free from their sins.

Shiva said, he would remain there for ever as a triangular shape of Jyotir linga. People from different parts of world make a visit to this pilgrimage to see the form of actual Lord Shiva.

There are some more symbols of the Pandavas near the Kedarnath Temple. Pandu Raja died near Kedarnath when he attempted to make love to Madri. It is well known as “Pandukeshwar”. The dance named “Pandav Nritya” is performed by the tribal near the place. The top of the peak where the Pandavas moved to Swarga, is popularly known as “Swarga Rohini”. At the time of leaving for Swarga, a finger of Dharmaraja cut down on the earth. There Dhramaraja set up a Shiva Linga that is the size of the finger.