Names and synonyms of the temple: The sacred temple was constructed back in 400 BC, and the name of creator was Vajranabhji. He was Lord Krishna's great grandson. The style adopted to make the temple during 16th century was chalukyan style. The actual height of this wonderful temple is 53 mts. The Dwarkadeesh temple is has another name as Jagat Mandir.

It is a Pushtimarg mandir. So it goes after the rules and rituals made by Shri Vallabhacharya and Shri Vitheleshnathji.

This mandir turned into the part of Char Dham pilgrimage regarded as holy by the Hindus, after Adi Shankaracharya, the eighth century reformer and theorist visited the holy place. Still today a memorial within the mandir is devoted to his visit. Lord Vishnu’s 108th Divya Desam on the subcontinet is Dwarakadheesh. It is overvalued in the sacred text of Divya Prabandha. Dwarkadheesh Temple This temple is also very famous for having two shikhars. One of the shikhar is place where the sacred Lord Dwarkadheesh's idol has been established.

Place: Dwarkadheesh temple is having its geographical boundary in the state of Gujarat. A popular town name Dwarka is the place where this temple is established. The temple is places in naturally wonderful location surrounded by the river Gomti. The city is really very popular as Lord Krishna dropped his feet in this. There is a believe among people of that region that, the ancient city of Dwarka is been submerged inside the water body. There are exquisitely 60 craved pillars which also gives the impression of the beautiful sculpture. These sculptures have got the influence from many dynasties like Martraks, Guptas, Chanakyas, Pallavas, chavdas etc.

Description: An individual getting inside Dwarkadheesh temple has to enter the place from the northern side. This entrance is known as Moksha Dwaar.  Again the southern portion of the temple is specifically known as Swarg Dwaar. There are series of stairs from the southern position which can lead the visitor to Gomti River. As per the statement of Legend, the particular temple has been build in one single day by the Lord of building and architecture, Lord Vishwakrama. The idol of Lord Dwarkadheesh is made up of a black stone. Dwarkadheesh Temple Its height is around 2.eo to 2.30 feet. The 4 hands of the lord consist of a conch, a stick, a lotus and the Sudarshana Chakra. It is familiar in the name of “Shankh Chakra Gada Padma Chaturbhuj.”


Other information about the place: There are many more temples in the city of Dwarka which forms a vital attraction for the people visiting the place. Some of the temples are known as Rukmini Devi temple, Gomati Ghats’s temples, Bet Dwarka etc. The temple which was dedicated to Devi Rukmini is having a distance of 1.5 km from the main city. There are beautiful paintings as well as carved walls in the temple. Gomti ghat temples are specifically for taking holy bath. The temple has a large structure with a image of devi Gomti. There is a island in the place known as Bet Dwarka at this city.