Name and synonyms of the temple: There are various versions of Badrinath Temple in Tamil, Malayalam, Garhwali, Hindi etc. The tall statue of Lord Vishnu and Lord Badrinarayan is been worshiped by people visiting the place. The main attraction of the idols which are placed inside the temple is the use of black saligram stone while creating the same. badrinath People have a belief that, those statues are one of the eight “swayam Vyakta ksetras”. It means the statues are among the self manifested statues of Lord Vishnu. There are various positions of Vishnu sitting for meditation at Badrinath Temple.

Place: There is a very small town in Uttarakhand state. Badrinath temple is located in this particular hill town.

 The temple is having its association with Alaknanda River.  Local people as well as the tourist have got a view that, Badrinath temple is one of the holiest Hindu temples in the Earth. Whenever individuals think of visiting char dham to remove all their sins which they have committed in their lifetime, one of the char dam is Badrinath temple.

 Among 108 powerful divya deshams, Badrinath temple is not an exception. People cannot visit the temple round the year as it remains open for only six months in a year between the months of April to November. Since the temple is located in Himalayan region, the temple remains closed for rest of the year due to extreme cold weather.

Description: The height of Badrinath temple is 50 feet. One can also visit small cupola placed at the top of the temple. This is again covered by gold gilt roof. The wider stairway would guide individual towards the tall arched gateway.

If you have ever viewed a Buddhist temple, you can easily make a resemblance of Badrinath temple with the same. badrinath There is a large pillared hall which would lead each individual to the main shrine area.

Special information about this place:
The image of Lord Bardinarayan is made up of Black stone which is also portrayed under the gold canopy. Badri tree is another attraction for the tourist visiting this powerful temple. Apart from the single idol of Lord Badrinarayan, individual would get to see 15 more idols of different god and goddesses.

Some of the idols would be of Lord Ganesha, Lord Kunbera, Lord guruda, Lord Narasimha, Goddess Lakshmi etc. The Prasad of these temple would be dry fruits, tulsi and hard sugar candy