Gayatri Yantra

As the name suggests, Gayatri Yantra is a well known Yantra which has the projection of Gayatri Devi. The content of the Yantra includes Ashat Mukhi or Panchmukhi. The Yantra has a picture of Gayatri Devi sitting on a Lotus flower. This powerful yantra is craved on silver, copper and is gold plated as well. After worship is done, the particular Yantra is kept and installed in a house or a business establishment. If you can use the Yantra with a great devotion, you will never be affected with the negative effects of spirits as well as souls. You will in fact have a scope to be blessed with happiness and comfort in your life.
Gayatri Yantra
It is essential to dip the Yantra in pure water after the fulfillment of its puja. If you can sprinkle the water where the Yantra is been dipped in your entire house, for a particular week all the bad spirits as well as evils residing in your house will vanish. If you are the worshiper of the particular yantra, you will have to take rice which is been boiled in milk. This particular meal will be taken during the days of puja for remaining pious. Lighting of the lamp with ghee is really important and also lighting the same for the whole night provides the individual with wonderful results.

It is very useful if one keep the Gayatri Yantra in front of him at the time of mediation and recitation of Gayatri Mantra. It helps him to concentrate.

Usually, this yantra is chanted or recited hundred and eight times on a day in 3 occasions that is in the sunrise, at noon and at the dusk. At the time of reciting the Gayatri Mantra 3 occasions in a day, one is actually confirming the idea of trinity of the life that is birth, development and death.

A prayer bead of 108 beads is used at the time of reciting the mantra. Actually there has some importance in the 108 number. In this number, 1 denotes the higher truth or God, 0 denotes the completeness or bareness in religious practice and the number 8 represents the eternity. It is to be believed that the soul of a human being goes through one hundred and eight steps on its journey. As per Muktikopanishad, there is 108 Upanishads.

This yantra develops pour physical and mental power. It cures our diseases. This yantra protects us from the foes. In a word it is excellent for the well-being of people. It develops power of spirits, stirs the religious self. It brings a native close to the God. The Gayatri Yantra helps a native to walk on the right way on his life. It blesses him with happiness, wealth, peace and fulfilment. It also makes sure a overall increase and growth of an inhabitant and his family.

With the Gayatri Yantra, you will be opened to the windows of the eternal world. You will be in a state to live your life peacefully and happily once your spiritual desire is been fulfilled with the Yantra of Goddess Gayatri. Identification of powerful points in an individual can be done through the powerful Yantra. Since the goddess has got five heads, four Vedas would be depicted with four heads and one head signifies the Almighty in universe.

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