Bhairon Yantra

Bhairav Yantra is made symbolic of Lord Bhairav. The name has also been incarnated from Lord Shiva, meaning, with extreme power. The usefulness of Lord Shiva would be inflected when a person has got the desire to win over his enemies. Success, as well as every comfort in life, will be administered with the Bhairon Yantra.

If you don’t have this Yantra, you can easily satisfy Lord Bhairav by worshiping him on a daily basis. Since, there is information that Lord Bhairav is the guardian of the temple of Lord Shiva, he is thus provided with the name of Kotwal. You will be amazed to know about the particular Lord that has been worshiped for Bhairav in tantra state. The name of the Lord in this case is Batuk Bhairav.
Bhairon Yantra
If you want to reduce tribulations, the most desirable Yantra for this particular state is the Batuk Bhairav Yantra. This situation is caused due to the malefic position of Rahu. The worshiper will have the benefit of gaining prosperity, money and a peaceful family.

All your problems, which are unexpected in nature, will be removed eventually with the same.

The protection against various evil spirits will be availed by the use of this Yantra. If you have got a hidden enemy, it will also protect you from the same.

If we worship the Bhairav Yantra, we may eradicate the evil effects of the black magic, ghosts. It acts as a rescuer from the evil influences and improves benefice powers in life.

Nowadays, millions of people (all over the India and all over the world) are worshiping the Lord Bhairav. He has obtained a lot of siddhi, i.e. the special strengths.

Many tantriks and yogis devote Lord Bhairav to obtain the siddhi. Batuk Bhairav Yantra is considerd to be the great heavenly Yantra for the devotion of the Lord Bhairav. It will not only help the persons with siddhi of the Lord Bhairav but also obtains the blessing of the Lord Shiva.

Vashi Karan is used for manipulating other people. The mantra of Bhairon is recited ten thousand times at the bank of river or in the jungle. Vashi Karan can be done on the Thursday at the time of sunrise.

The mantra of Bhairon must be recited ten thousand times facing the Western side and at the night for root out the poverty. An oil lamp containing mustard oil must be lit.

You will have all necessities as well as comforts of life after availing this Yantra at your home. Your unfulfilled desires will be fulfilled by the use of this Yantra. While you perform the puja, the offerings of food to the Lord will be different on different days of the week. For Sundays you will have to offer rice boiled in milk, sweet balls on Monday, gur and ghee on Tuesday, sugar and curds on Wednesday, toasted gram flour on Friday and pakoras of urad dal on Saturday.

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