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What is angel number numerology ?

There are certain numbers that are very special but we often ignore or overlook them as they often come concealed with your bills, phone numbers, and various receipts and even stopped clocks. They are called angel numbers as they carry the good news to the recipient. If you see these kinds of numbers on a repeatedly then it means that they will give you some surprising news. So don’t try to ignore these numbers. It is said that the angels cannot contact us directly thus they send some signals so that we can understand their presence and their blessings. They send their signals in many ways but the numbers are the most common and simple way to connect.

Angel number in numerology :

Each number has its frequency and recurrence which is likely to the recapitulation from the angels living far away. But there are replications of the numbers which can be sometimes constrained. The angels try to protect us from the destructions of the demons and the evil effects. From now on never underestimate any numbers which are continuously in touch with you. Try to understand the secret meaning and make your life safe and comfortable.

What are these numbers represents ?

Number 1 : 

If you keep on receiving the signal of this number then you should know that it is the sign of the beginning of some life or something new things or projects. It is the number of leaders and freedom.

Number 2 : 

If you receive this number then it is recommended to be more liberal and protective to others. You need to be more attached and subtle while dealing with other thoughts. It means delicacy, fraternity, and fellowship.

Number 3 : 

If you are getting this number repeatedly then it’s the signal for companionable and productive. It is related to the idealistic, designing and self-manifestation.

Number 4 : 

If you see this number frequently then you need to be careful with your career. It is the number of work, career, and durability.

Number 5 : 

If you get this number very often then it is the sign that good times are coming your way. It is related to wisdom, risky ventures, and unrest.

Number 6 : 

If this number is repeatedly pushing you then it could be the sign of bonding and duties. It means something which is related to family, home and relations.

Number 7 : 

If you come across with this number several times and at regular intervals then it could be the sign for connections with the spirituality. It means array with metaphysical relations.

Number 8 : 

If you observe that this number is visiting you then you should know that the abundance will come to you with deep thoughts. It means opulence and adequacy.

Number 9 : 

This number is the signal to start some work for mankind with deep sense and honesty. It means the execution of the most desired thoughts.

Number 11 : 

This number will bring good energy and impulsive forces which will lift you up at a different level. It means you must believe yourself and your intuition and a master builder number.

Number 22 : 

If you meet with this number then you should know your self-confidence and work accordingly. It is the master builder number.

Repeating angel numbers :

There are other numbers which can be called as the angel numbers like the double-digit numbers 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 51, and 99
The triple digits like, numbers 000, 100, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 777, 888 and 999.
The other numbers are 0000, 1010, 1111, 1313, 2020, 9999 and many more.

Types of angel numbers :

The other important angel numbers are number 727, 848, 234, 707, 144, 505, 211, 404, 515, 212, 747, 909, 411, 414, 123, and 811. Further, there are 0808, 6666, and 8888.

The meanings of angel numbers :

123-It has the capacity and to cooperate.
144-It is the experience with highs and lows and to keep steady.
211-It is charged with faith.
212-It can get its shape from dedication and intentional desires.
234-It has its top priority as communication and obeys.
404-It is associated with certain changes in lives for progress.
411-It helps to be careful and remain boundless.
414-It reminds of ability and strong foundations.
505-It means that the right decision will always payback.
515- It presents in freedom and unrestricted.
707-It is characterized by a new journey and to perceive from it for the betterment.
727- It represents growth and self-attainment.
747-It represents honesty and loyalty.
811-It drags you from the negative energies and helps to make decisions.
848- It means changes that are to be brought with honesty.
909-It caves out the road towards success.

Angel number 666 :

The number 666 is often considered as a demonic number but in numerology, it is considered as an angel number. The number 6 is taken as the number of symmetry. It is the wakeup call for you. It makes you more focussed and forgets all your thoughts and worries.  It is a sign that you should spend time with animals.

How do they work ?

Angels are the purest of all who have high forceful resonance. They always respond to the call from the planet by special vibrations. There are no rules to connect with them but whenever you feel something bad or wicked you can just concentrate and feel the pulse. Here the concentration and the situation will be an important factor to invite them.

The signs that the angels give signals to the recipient are :
  • Numbers
  • Scents
  • Music
  • Feelings
  • Clouds
  • Sparkles of lights
  • Temperature change
  • Feathers
  • Rainbow
  • Voices

Why do they disappear ?

When the work is done and the message from the angel is sent to the receiver these numbers automatically disappear without giving prior knowledge or they can change their destination.

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