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Why is that you see 9 literally in your sleep? What is the matter with 9? Why not other numbers? Why do you keep buying things that mean 9? Why do your favorite soccer player's jersey number is also 9? It's only 9 and 9 nothing else. Well, this is no coincidence but actually, a secret message that you are continually getting yet choosing to ignore.

Path to divinity

Divine beings are trying to communicate to you at the best obvious way they can! Admit it; life is not a fantasy movie where you can see fantastical creatures granting your wish. In reality, they will enable you to utilize your very own quality that you can discover somewhere down in yourself. Your holy messengers are there to allow you to end up mindful of your individual capacities and forces. When you serve other people, you will be rewarded from the Divine. Very soon you will see that extraordinary things are going on in your life.
Blessed messengers are looking out for you and urging you to achieve your maximum capacity. Be available to seeing and accepting these blessed messenger numbers, since they hold the solutions to your life's most exceptional inquiries.

You are allying your nine fold mantra !

Number 9 is the sign of total enlightenment, love, awakening, spirituality. It also represents the ultimate karmic blessing and mission to accomplish.

Get in touch with the Supreme : The best way to decode 9 messages is to meditate. That's right; if you are keen to know all about the innate message, then you must start to de-clutter your mind. The ultimate enlightenment is awaiting you with its full glory.

Jack of all trades : With Number 9, you are genuinely multi-talented. You are endowed with the blessing of achieving great new heights. You can definitely forge your destiny and motto by using your innate abilities and a large pool of talent.

Working for upliftment : Number 9 asks to do your bit for the society. Angels opine that you have come to this world to help and heal people. You can make a difference in everyone's life. So never hesitate to help anyone.

Destroy what destroys you : New beginning is also the reason why you see 9 more often than any other number. Angels say that, whatever you are stuck with, whether it’s a bad relationship or toxic family member or a bullying workplace, you must now say ‘; enough is enough.' You have endured everything against you for too longs, and now, you must cut if that is hampering you overall.

Time to reborn : After cutting off everything, it's time for you to start focusing on the new beginning and recollect your life to a fresh start. You are a Phoenix who can rise from the ashes, as young and as fresh as new!

 Be the legend you are !

Very few people get to make the ultimate call about their own life. If you are frequently in touch with Number 9, you have the full space to get to change your life for some greater good. You have been in this world to do service for others and become an inspirational figure. And not every day, you get to become the hero sans cap!

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