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Every time, you get to see the watch after a busy schedule, you notice that minute, second or hour hand is on 11. You land a new job, and your new office is located on the 11th floor. You made some small purchases, and your bill stands $11.11! All the while, you see one number-11 and 11. While many of you may shrug off, the law of nature says everything happens for a reason. Repeating numbers is not just a series of concurrences. It is the secret message by the Angels!

Your path to happiness

Must be laughing your heart out because hey, angels exist only in fairy tales, isn't it? Well actually, to be precise, it’s not the Angel with beautiful wings with bright halos around the head we are talking about. We are talking about your spirit protector or Guardian angel as you love to call them trying to talk to you. They cannot make their appearance directly in front of you. Instead, they send certain signals in the form of a particular number or numbers to figure out the hidden meaning behind it.

Angelic Number power

These Numbers are called angel numbers as they bear the message and advice your silent protector wants you to follow. That makes their jobs to make you successful easier. In this case, if you see 11 more often than any other number, find out what's in store for you :

  • The saga of Karma : According to Numerology, 11 is called the Master Number. It is related to the karmic intervention of the receiver. This number is a sign that you are about to experience a spiritual awakening from within.

  • Abundance and Spirituality : In short, Number 11 always asks you to keep in touch with the spiritual endeavor of your life. Go for mediation, opt for Chakra awakening therapy, and pray to God. And you will see how much you are getting gifted by some incredible innate powers that you really need to make a difference.

  • Understanding within : With Number 11, angels are ready to teach you with a more direct approach in the form of your subconscious. While many people have to struggle with the subtle numerical sign to understand Angels’ messages, you are getting it more clearly. Angels are your teacher now. Learn from them as much you want for this is a rarest of all opportunities.

  • Creative energy : Number 11 bestows upon you abundant of creativity, patience, enthusiasm, and intuition. It also fills your body and mind with a high level of energy. With this, you can now finally achieve your goals fearlessly. Nothing can stop you except yourself!

  • Optimism brimming : Angels also want you to become more positive and not to harbor any grudge or negativity towards anyone or anything. Instead, you must focus your optimistic and intuitive attitude to achieve the goal which you have been eyeing for so long.

 March forward :

Angels opine positive people will help you more rather than people who pull you back. Get ready to lose some friends and dear ones as you have thought them to be positive people but aren't. It may cause your heart to ache, but angels will continuously fill your life with positive people who want the best out of you.

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