8th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    8th House While the 7th house is the house of death, the 8th house represents life. A long life is represented if the house is governed by beneficial planets. If placed in 8th house, the Saturn is considered a life giver. But on the other hand, 8th house also represents the ultimate end of one’s life; this includes the end of rebirths too.
The 8th house is represented by the Phoenix rising up from ashes. The 8th house contains birth, death, healing, surgery, presents, wills, birthright, credit, wealth of others, wealth of spouse, support of children, investments, taxes, physical pleasure and the approach towards the same. This kind of pleasure is the reward of giving an individual to another.

With this house, one can determine how the native will see death, whether through natural ways, or by unnatural ways like accidents, fire, violence or chronic diseases. If the lord of the lagna is placed in 8th house or if the 8th lord is placed in the lagna, the native may face death soon.

If there is an association of Uranus with the 8th house, the death may be unexpected and sudden. Presence of Jupiter in the 8th house means that the death of the native will be calm and peaceful. Mars is associated with fire hence its placement in the 8th house means that the death may be caused by fire. If there is an association with Saturn then death is unnatural and the cause of the death will not be known. If Moon is associated with 8th house then the death of the person will be either in water or by any disease related to code or asthma. This person is recommended to stay away from water. If Venus is placed in 8th house and Venus is weak then there may be end of life due to reproductive organs or related disease.

8th house also represents the physical relationship between the native and his/her spouse. It can also indicate any genital illness, problems with related organs, or problem with birth of children that the native may have.

An individual who possesses the eighth house in his birth chart may easily bored with the mechanical connections between partners. He may prefer drama in his relationship to something dull or superficial.

8th house is also the house of shared resources. These could be any inheritance, taxes, insurance or any sort of support from external source. Other things governed by the 8th house are any hidden enemies or legal issues such as the court cases.

The spiritual memories of the eighth house may come crawling back and trouble us in the appearance of illogical fears and nervousness, terror attacks, obsessive and determined behaviors, groundless jealousies and suspicion. The spiritual memories have the strength to lame our capability to live completely in comfort. Likely they can limp our capability to take part in strong, mutual relationships with the other people in our daily life. They cry out forcefully for rescue.