2nd House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    2nd House The 2nd House in Indian Horoscope is the house of money and speech. It represents the financial matters. The money shown here is not necessarily the earned money, but the wealth saved by the native. This could include savings, property, jewelry, etc. The native’s ability of speech are enhanced if supported by auspicious planets such as Mercury, while the presence of Ketu, especially in a mute sign like cancer, may cause the native to dumb

The 2nd house is an extension to the 1st in such a way that while 1st house represents the native himself, the 2nd represents his facial qualities and features like the tongue, the nose, the cheeks and the chin. It also, very strongly, represents the eye, especially the right eye and its vision.

Strong 2nd House indicates strong bank balance. In Vedic astrology 11th house is responsible for earning but that may not imply that the native can save money. 2nd house is the house which indicates saving by the person. Weak 2nd lord creates debts and hence, it’s the most important house when money is the concern for the person. If Moon and Mars present together in 2nd house and the house is owned by Mars, Moon or Jupiter, then the person will be able to save lots of money and will be very wealthy starting from the age 28.

In the 2nd house, one can see the eating and drinking habits of the native which can easily be negative with the presence of the malefic. This house also represents the relations of the native with his/her family and the presence of the malefic shows that he/she will not get along with them.

Although the house for marriage is the 7th one, the 2nd house can tell when the marriage will take place, what the spouse would be like and how will the marriage work.

If the planet Moon is in the 2nd house, an individual may prefer the business as his profession. He possesses a powerful voice. He does respect his family customs and values. An individual may make profit through investments in the different fields. His economical condition also gets stronger. As the planet Moon is the karak of money, the individual who possesses this yoga in his birth chart cannot face any economical problem. The planet Moon is the younger brother of goddess Lakshmi. If the planet Moon is placed in the holy house or planet of one’s birth chart, the one will not face any economical difficulties. The yogas formed by the Moon are regarded as pious and significant in the Indian Astrology.

An individual will be smart, well – fame and prosperous. He gets the support from his family. Wife can be lucky for him. But an infection on eye may be happened. If the Moon is located in the malefic position, the individual may get reverse result.

Saturn is considered highly inauspicious if present in this house. It causes the native’s financial growth to be slow and the speech to be bitter. On the other hand, the presence Jupiter causes the native to be fair in finances and speech.