Vastu Healthy Home Tips

Healthy home is the place where a person lives without any prolonged diseases. There are various bad energies inside a house and these affect us seriously. If Vaastu rules are not followed properly, then there is a possibility of great danger. Here is some list of rules that can keep us live healthy inside our little heaven.

  • If the shape of the plot is not proper (Please see the plot section for detail) then it may be the cause of ill health issues

  • Kitchen in North or North-east may be the cause of ill health. It is observed that if Kitchen is placed in North side then house members are not able to save money and most often they are ill. Kitchen in north-east side makes the house quarrel full and there are differences among members.

  • Worship room in south-west or west direction will be the cause ill health for the family members. There is no alternative of having worship room in north-east side. Even north side is OK. Every other side or corner of the house will have some bad effect. South or south-east or north-west corners are very place to have worship room.

  • Staircase in the South-East or North-West may be the cause of children’s bad health

  • Extension of the house or plot in the South -West may result in loss of health

  • Healthy home should follow the following rules

  • Kitchen in south-east direction, the person cooks facing east

  • Worship room in north-east corner and pray to god by facing east or north

  • Toilet is in north-west direction

  • Stair in the south-west corner of the house and septic tank is also in the same corner

  • Any garbage should be stored in the west wall and the store room should also be in the same place

  • Land of the house and the house should be square or rectangular

  • Bramasthan is the distinctive feature of old age architecture stood on the Vastu Shastra. Brahmasthan is central, most auspicious and influential area of a house. All sides connect with the centre of a house. It scatters positive power in all the sides. These positive powers in very much required for the family members of the house.

    If we wish to healthy and live with happiness and harmony then we must be left the Bramhasthan free from obstacles. Construction at the middle of the house means obstructs the main power which keeps the family members lively. In the ancient age, people built a courtyard at the middle of the house which was open to the sky and the rooms near to the courtyard.

    For continue your well health and revival from illness you must recite Mahamrithunajaya Mantra Hundred and Eight times every day. General physical condition may be enhanced by sleeping along with the head at the Southern side. It is suggested to the “Vatha” and “Khapa” natives to sleep in their left. “Pitha” natives are suggested to sleep in their right side. Some people state that Vastu does not act. It is completely wrong. Vastu must work accordingly only if you chose a well known Vastu consultant.