Vastu FAQ


What is Vaastu?

A: Vaastu is an ancient Indian science which deals with the creation of harmonious energy field. It is applied over the construction of a home, office, factory, temple, commercial place or anything. This is beyond any religion and it helps to plan for an auspicious structure. It also provides benefit to you. It protects from the ill effect of life and helps to earn wealthy and healthy life from the place. Vaastu helps us to make our lives better.

When is Vastu consultation required?

Vaastu consultation is very helpful. If you’re planning to buy a plot or building, or even in the case of buying or rent a house, shop, or a business place.

How to know whether Your house is not following Vaastu laws and you are getting Bad energies in your house?

Appropriate use of Vaastu makes our house like a heaven. If there is any Vaastu defect, then you may see various problems in your home like, continious failure, loss of wealth all the time, no profit in business, various health issue like arthritis, heart problems, or any long running disease, addiction to drugs or acohols.

Why directions are significant in Vastu ?

Vaastu principals are based on directions. For example, keeping gold or money can be auspicious, if it is placed in north. But it can be inauspicious, when it is placed in south.

Why directions are important in Vaastu?

Every direction has some significance in Vaastu. Having followed vaastu laws for a direction correctly one enjoys the best of that directional property.

Is color has any significance in Vastu?

Yes, the colour attracts the energy flow which is the basic pillar of Vastu shastra. You have to select colours selectively inside your house for each room.

How Vaastu and fengsui is different or how they are similar?

Vaastu and Fengsui both are fundamentally similar. These are based on energies and elements.

Vaastu is bigger and it explains in detail the cause of the defects. Feng-sui offers many solutions which can be applied without altering the structure.

Can Vastu help to become wealthy?

Anser is Yes, following Vaastu laws will bring wealth in the house and to the family members.

Can Vastu makes healthy?

Yes, following Vaastu laws will make the family members healthy and free from prolonged diseases

Is any religion is connected with the Vastu Shastra?

A: It is spiritual science. It was come from the Vedic culture in India such as meditation and yoga.

When can we observe the advantages of Vastu Shastra?

A: If the fundamentals are balance in the atmosphere around you the chances may come. This is up to us whether we utilize these chances or not. Many times we may notice the developments at once.

Are the basics of Vastu Shastra relevant in various geographical fields?

A: Yes. It is relevant. The fundamental ideas of balancing the 5 requirements are appropriate all over the world.

May we get benefit by using Vastu Shastra without bulldozing our home?

A: Obviously. Some remedies are there for adjustment as per Vastu norms.

Which planets are related with the Vastu Shastra?

A: There are some planets. They are Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Moon, Rahu and Ketu.