Vastu Educational institution


Schools, colleges, the training centres where many faculty courses of Arts, Commerce, Science, Medical, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Bio-technology and such professional courses are conducted, called as Educational Institution. Normally an educational institute consists of many buildings, class – rooms, canteen, libraries, laboratories, play ground, hostel, common rooms etc.

It is such a place where the energy play a vital role in forming calm and positive surrounding so it helps the students and the teachers to lead a good result. It is necessary to create positive atmosphere for the success of students. Because of this it is very required to build the place according to the vastu rules so that the pupils may get the sky both in study and other activity. Another significant fact every institute wishes is goodwill which may be obtained by certainly following the vastu rules.

Each and every institute must be built as per vastu rule as to form the educational place a treasure and providing the student friendly atmosphere. Some vastu tips are provided to make out the formation of educational institution.

  • Shape of the Plot of the institute should be rectangular (Size not exceeding 1:2), square or circular. If the shape is triangular or irregular then it is not favorable for an educational institution.

  • Institute building should be in the South-west or South part of the Plot.

  • Main entrance gate should be in the East or North-East Side.

  • The office of the Educational Institute should be in the South East side.

  • Staircase may be made in the North West, West or in the South West side of the institute building.

  • The laboratory should be in the West side of the building.

  • The Library should be in the East side of the building.

  • Principal’s office should be in the South West side of the building, West or South East.

  • Class room should be square or rectangle. Students should face North side or East side or North-East corner. Teacher should sit or stand on higher then the students, ideally teacher’s place should be on a raised platform. Black boards are used in classrooms, but it is better recommended to have green colored board instead of black. Teachers should avoid Red, Black, Pink, Brown colors. Preferred colors are Yellow, Blue, White or Green. Class room should be light colored with any of white, green or yellow or combination of any of these colors.

  • Conference Hall should be in the North side of the building with entrance in East direction.

  • The entrance of class rooms should be in the East or North direction.

  • Store room should be located in the North-West corner of the building.

  • Toilets should be in the North-West corner of the building.

  • Open play -ground should be in the North or East side of the Institute plot.

  • Water tank should be placed in the North-East corner.

  • Staff room should be formed at the Northern – Western side.

  • The beams in the class – room should be built carefully make sure that none of the students sit under the beams.

  • Northern - Western direction is the best place for canteen.