Vastu Plot or Land Tips


One of the most challenging jobs is to make good house and to get a good plot. Once you get a plot, you have to verify that if the plot follows Vaastu rules or not. There are few important factors selecting a good land.

Soil Test : The soil with white colour with lotus smell and having greenery is considered to be the best.
Red Coloured soil is also good, but if it smells like blood, it should be avoided.
Yellow or pale coloured soil having pungent smell should be avoided. Soil testing also important to design the house with load testing. .

Location : Location and its surrounding directly affect us and hence it is an important factor while selecting a plot for building house.

One should not buy a land where previous people were suffering from prolonged sickness. Even any person left the house or killed himself due to some reason.
Soil of the land should not contain bones, and skeletons. If there is a house which is damaged heavily due to fire, rain or storm, then this house should be avoided.
If the land falls in between two tall buildings, then this land should also be avoided.
If the plot is at a T-junction, then this plot should be avoided. There should not be any cemetery graveyard or tomb adjacent to the plot.
There should not be a temple or any religious place in front of the plot. If there is any shadow of any tall building, temple, tree most of the time in the day, and then this plot should be avoided.

Plot Facing : If the plots face towards north or east, are considered to be the best plot. Plot should be higher in south and west side and should be sloping down to the north-east corner of the plot.

Plot Shape : Shape of the plot is one of the most important factors. Here is the list of plot shapes and the effect in respect of their shapes.

ideal plot

Road Side : The plots which are adjacent to roads from all the 4 sides, then it is the most valuable one as this plot will bring wealth and good health with peaceful family life.
It is inauspicious if there are three roads only on the East, South, and West.
If there are roads on only the East and North side, that is good.
Roads on the North, South, and West are also not so good.