Vastu Ideal House Plan


The significance of the Vastu is growing rapidly as nowadays it is used as an instrument to explain the position of a building in the luck and the health of a resident. The scientific importance of Vastu in the terms of power is recognised at present than before.

An Ideal House Floor Plan Should be like following Picture.

Vaastu Ideal House Plan
  • North side should be the treasure room. Even any room in the north direction should be the treasures. Some precious coins must be placed here in a container. Crystal tortoise gives good result here.

  • North-East point should have Worship or Prayer room. This point should be the holy place in house. Kids’ room can also be placed here. But no adult should be used this place as bedroom.

  • East part should be allotted Kids’ Bed room, Study room or Bath Room.

  • South-East corner should be the ideal place for Kitchen.

  • South part of the house can be a bedroom.

  • South-West corner should be the bed room for the head of the house or the bed room for the adult couples.

  • West side should be the dining room. Musical instruments also may be placed here. West side is also good place for Televisions.

  • North-West point may be the bathroom or Toilet. This place may also be a guestroom or a Store room or a room for Kids.

  • Toilet is a key point in a House. See out Vaastu Toilet section for detail. Toilet can not be placed in east, north, north-east, or center of the house. There is no solution for this. So, this Vaastu problem can not be corrected, rather you should plan to place toilet to right direction of the house. Also, toilet should be kept clean and healthy all the times.

  • Worship room or Puja Ghar is the most holistic place in a home and hence the placement of the same can not be wrong. There is no remedy available in case this room is placed in wrong direction. This room should be in north-east only. Placement in South, West, South-West, North-West, North-East are not accepted for this room. For more detail please see our vaastu worship room section.

  • The central courtyard is required to build as per Vastu norms.

  • The central energy axis is very much needed to construct as per Vastu rules.

  • We must keep in mind for appropriate placement of the hot air vent or the top ventilator.

  • We should keep a space for rear garden for animals in the house as per Vastu rules.

  • Rain water catchment is required in the garden. It is auspicious for dry and hot areas.

  • We may use the waste water for vegetable garden. Hence we must build the channel properly.

  • Plants have the positive influence. Hence we must plant medical plants and herbs in the house.

  • The main entrance is the most significant points in a house. The positive energy enters in the house through the main entrance. So we must follow the Vastu rules related to the doors.

  • The verandah is the place of interaction in our life. So we must build verandah.