Feng Sui Solutions


Feng Sui is an ancient Chinese science. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure the health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.
Vaastu Fengsui Solution
Vastu is originated in India and Fengsui is originated in China. Both has targeted to solve the similar problem by applying similar attempts which is establish harmony between nature and life. Only difference is Fengsui provides various tools or item based solution without altering the figures.

Feng Sui provides excellent results and purifies some of the major Vaastu defects. Feng Shui is simply the thing which arranges your stuff around you to gain positive results.

If the shape of the house is not square or rectangular, then locate the missing corner. Install mirrors in the wall of the missing corner. This method corrects the defect as per Feng Sui.
Vaastu Fengsui Solution mirror pos
In the picture left, North east corner is missing in the house. It is a major Vaastu defect. This house will have no prosperity. As per the Fen Sui, there can be fixed two mirrors in the east and north wall which is adjacent to the missing area as shown in the picture.

The bottom line of the mirror should rest of the floor. Use always a single length. In other words you should not use more than one mirror to make up for the length. This solution requires no alternation in the existing architecture of the house.

Vaastu Fengsui Solution mirror
You can have a building where a central direction sector is fully or partially missing.

In the picture shown right, North room or space is missing. This will be cause loss of wealth in the house and to the family members.

Similarly as above One mirror should be fixed in the north wall as shown in the picture to overcome this defect. Mirror should be a single piece and will rest on the Floor.

Vaastu Fengsui Solution pakua
Bagua or Pakua Miror : A Pakus mirror is used to destroy wrong energies which enter in our house from the main door.
A pakua mirror consists of a round convex mirror which is mounted at the center of an Octagonal shaped pakua. In the pakua all sectors are represented with their respective colors and symbols. The octagonal plate is made out of high grade plastic stone or wood to with stand out door use. This mirror should not be used inside the house.

Vaastu Fengsui Solution duck
Mandarin doves are made out of high quality wood and it confirms the stipulated guide lines of Feng Shui. A pair of doves consists of a male and a female. They should always be kept together one by the side of the other. These are not facing one another. The mandarin doves should be placed any -where in the master bed room. It should be visible easily when you enter in the room. This keeps the couple happy.

Vaastu Fengsui Solution crystal
Natural quartz crystal enhances the good energies. Crystals can be placed in various places in the houses to enhance the energy levels of the specific area. For example, if a crystal is hung in the North-west corner of the building or in the Northwest room. Then it improves relationships between the family members. It also improves money matters and brings good luck.
Keeping crystal pyramid enhances purity, concentration and absorbs negativity.

Vaastu defects can be purified by using crystal balls in kitchen, bathroom, main door facing kitchen, etc.

Vaastu Fengsui Solution
Wind Chime is an important gadget in Feng-Shui. Wind Chime should be consisted of white or silver color five metal rods. You can keep Wind Chime in your house or in your office in the North West corner or in North West room. You can also place it in your west side of the house. Wind Chime brings happiness in family, new opportunity, money and prosperity.

Place wind chimes in a dark corner of the room to channel more positive energy and life to that area. Wind chimes are useful for livening up north-facing entrances, which tend to be quiet and dull. Using metal wind chimes in such areas can channel more energy into the house.

Wind chimes can be placed at the entrance to allow greater energy and life will enter into the house.

There are many Feng-sui recommendations that enhances the happiness enters in your heaven.

  • Ring the Tibetan bell for powerful energy entering your house.

  • Never accept money with two fingers, accept money with five fingers only.

  • Place your address book in the north west corner of the desk to get a potential client.

  • Do not sit with your back side towards the main door of the house.

  • Keeping Crystal on the north east corner of the study table or study room will improve the study of the children

  • For money saving, a 3 leg frog can be placed such an way that it faces the main door.

  • Never keep a watch that is stopped or not working in the house, that is considered as an inauspicious sign for the house.

  • If a tree facing the main door or window, then that can cause poor health for the family members. Place a convex mirror facing the tree in the outer wall to get rid of this problem.

  • Placing a Crystal Globe on the north-west corner of the house brings overseas opportunities to the family members.

  • It is recommended to keep a name and number plate in font of the house. To get the opportunities easily.

  • Door bell should very charming. It can be sound just like a bell and sound should not be annoying.

  • Do not keep any medicine in the Kitchen or in the Worship room. It should only be in the living room.

  • If a floor tile is broken, it should be repaired or replaced immediately, otherwise this will cause breaking relationships.

  • To improve marriage prospect, keep or hang a crystal ball in the south west corner of the house.