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what is sun number numerology ?

Astrology has been a fascinating aspect. Whenever you want to know about Astrology, you tend to google up your Sun Sign. Whenever you try to make a new acquaintance, you come up with, “What’s your sign?” The Sun Sign in astrology is based on the solar calendar. The twelve signs correspond with the twelve months of the calendar. Sun Sign of astrology is predicted by the date of your birth in a month.
Sun Sign of the astrology covers the personality and the traits of a person. Numerology, a branch of astrology deals with the relation between number and living and physical beings. This astral connection is used for predicting the personality, destiny, inner soul, expression if an individual.

Sun Number :

Among the components of Numerology, the component that deals with personality and characteristic of a person is known as Sun Number. The power series of single digit 1 to 9 are employed to determine the character chart. And you find the illuminating digit by checking up your birth date and the month.
Start calculating your and your friend's coz this one is simple to pick up. Each number represents a particular characteristic, self, mannerism, and personality. Whatever number adds up for you, you need to look for personality prediction against that specific number.

A relatively new kid on the block !

Combing the day and month, it is amazing, yet the simplest way to find out the real you or about someone you err... think you know!
Now, you may think there are so many zillions of people around the world, and each one is unique. So how juts nine numbers can determine it?
To begin up with the numerology chart, Sun Number is the first step to map up your entire ‘you’ logarithm. It’s a crucial foundation that delves into you. It not only analyses your trait but also gives up a strong foundation about your suitability.

Purpose of Sun Number :
  • Sun Number acts as an anchor to your life cycle and how your personal changes affect the cosmic cycle o the universe.
  • Sun Number acts as the guiding star, in this cosmos of transformation and chaos.
  • Sun Number acts as your nestling ground from where you can channelize all your motions.
  • It also determines your outlook and approach and how do you intend to take on the constant changing.
  • Compatibility with various other people you interact on a daily basis.

Calculating Sun Number :

Calculating sun Number is very simple and need no formal numerological expertise. Take an individual whose birth date is 19th March 1995. You need to take the date (19) and month (3) and add them. Convert the double-digit result into a single digit by adding them up further.

19th March- 19+3=22= 2+2=4
The individual will possess the characteristic associated with number 4.

Sun number chart at a glance :
1Decisive, resourceful, stubborn
2Coherent, businesslike, rational
3Innovative, artistic, avant-garde
4Diligent, ardent, faithful, resolute
5Amorous, affectionate
6Altruistic, humanitarian
7Metaphysical, thoughtful
8Risk takers, courageous
9Power number, philosophical, productive

Sun Number and its relationship with Personal Cycle :
  • Personal yearly cycles are your yearly report and predictions in terms of numerology.
  • Personal Yearly Circle is determined by the personal month cycle which in turn influenced by Personal Day Cycle.
  • All the Cycles mentioned above are calculated using your sole, elementary Sun Number.
  • Sun Number acts as the nucleus of all your yearly cycles.

Apart from Sun Number, you have various factors such as Hidden Passion, Pinnacle number, Life Path number and many more to chalk out your actual whole personality and prediction.


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