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A ‘Master Builder’ on its own account, Master Number 22 is known as the founder or constructor. They have this innate architectural capacity that is reflected in every aspect of life, from personal to professional. They possess Midas’ touch to transform a dream into a beautiful reality. You must know all about one of the most hardworking Numbers among the Master Lot!

  • The magical touch :

    The hardworking number has a penchant for building up from scratch. They are mostly self-made individuals. This has nothing to do with the fact if they are born affluent or poor, they can transform an old to new, start a new thing or make fantasies come true.

  • Cosmic Connection :

    The Hebrew alphabet chart holds Master Number 22 in high esteem. According to their belief, Master Number 22 represents every aspect of the infinite function, from its origin to eternity. Here, Master Number 22 are depicted by a circle that denotes the completeness of creation.

  • Grounded Ones :

    They are the child of reality who has their feet strongly grounded on the earthly pleasures and endeavors. They are super successful just like their Number 11 counterpart. While Master Number 11 is mainly inclined spiritually, Master Number 22 is inclined towards the material world.

  • Combo pack :

    Number 22 is the super combo of 11 and 4(the root number). The root number 4 renders its individuals with the practical, systematic and intuitive approach towards every perspective of life. That is why 22s are always brimming with 100 percent full nervous energy and positive vibes.

  • Ambitious :

    They are an ideal leader with great ambition; They have both charisma and perseverance to implement mega plans. They are greatly confident about their plan and do not stop until they succeed in their venture.

  • Precautions :

    However, they must not let their guard loose at any cost. Else they will lose the practical touch which actually makes them who they are. They must also learn to harness their power correctly. Using it negative way can lead to extortion and exploitation of others materially.

  • Main requirement :

    To combat the scenario mentioned above, they must be provided with the happy and smiling home since childhood. This will help them to concentrate on positive aspects of life and ward off any possibilities of negativity.

  • Career Choice :

    To begin with, they are the jack of all trades! There are very few career paths that they would not be able to follow. From a very early age, they must realize what they love doing most. As discussed earlier, happiness is very important to them, and if they are following a profession that makes them happy, then they will be able to shine in their respective field.

  • Creative End :

    They can transform their creativity into totally meaning full thing. They are a realist and always check all the possibilities and then launch their work totally. In this way, they avoid being unsuccessful or mediocre in the first place itself.


In the End :

They can be spiritual and earthly at the same time. This duality makes them one of the special in Numerological chart.

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