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Incredible Master Numbers are the progeny of power, wisdom, talent, perseverance, and aura. Master Number boomers are always forefront in every field that they pursue. They are truly lucky to have born in this special time. First and foremost among the master numbers are the one who is born with Number 11. You must now take a look at the number of characteristics dominant with Master Number 11.

  • All about Master Number 11 :

    The first and principle one among all the Master Numbers, it is categorized under ‘As Above Numbers’ among Master Numerology categories.

  • The epitome of inspiration and aura :

    Master Number 11 is inspiring individuals who command aura and inspire. They are fiercely independent and never follow the path that is usually tried and tested. Master Number 11 has an artistic nag with everything considering beautiful and perfect. They are highly spiritual and intuitive.

  • Striving towards everything spiritual and metaphysical :

    They have an ability to start everything by aspiring for the connivance of the spiritual and metaphysical existence. They are often fondly known as ‘Psychic Personas.' They are very illuminating individuals and can efficiently channel the subconscious state of mind. They are excellent mind readers and can detect all your inner feelings and turmoil within a blink, leaving you mesmerized!

  • The force of Dynamism :

    From the birth itself they carry within themselves dynamic dual force that makes them leader, charismatic and awe-inspiring. However, with great power comes greater control. The must always learn to utilize their illuminating persona and turn them into positivity. They always toggle between the great entity and self-destruction. If they cannot harness their inner energy, they can turn it into a tool for manipulation.

  • The necessity of control :

    Since they are so expert in catching everyone else's wavelength, the cab command fear and phobias among people and turn obsessive and despotic. From the very beginning, they must try to focus themselves harnessing their mind power through meditation, exercise and calculative activities.

  • Dreamy Ones :

    They are ideally dreamers. They can turn their whole innate potential into something that can help them achieve, power growth and stability. While other numbers mainly exist in the mundane circle of human life strata, they mainly seek the acceptance of understanding the spiritual truths and intuitive feeling.

  • Position Matters Most :

    Master Number 11 can be the numerology of your birth date or your name. In this article, you will get a brief out the sketch on the characteristic, greatness and uniqueness of Master Number 11. The effectiveness and awesomeness of Number 11 depend upon the position of the number in your numerology chart.

  • Illuminations with faith and confidence within the soul :

    They can illuminate their thought without falling into the bout of shyness or impracticality. In fact, a Number 11 always knows about the practicality and the advantage that they are in with such power. That is why; it is repeatedly advisable for them to learn to channelize their gift into something rational and positive. They have full faith and confidence within themselves that will help them achieve peace.

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