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Known as the ‘Master Teacher,' Numerology 33 is a spiritual child who loves to impart their knowledge for the betterment of the community. The characteristic prevalent with Number 33 is the mixture of both Master Number 11 and 22. They are the spiritual guides of all the other numbers. You must now know all about this comfort giver number.

  • Guiding Star :

    Master Number 33 is exerted in giving spiritual advice and acts as your mentor and listener. This is the role that they really like to play. They also provide comfort with touch oh human and metaphysical element.

  • Holy and divine connection :

    They tend to enjoy a religious status among its fellows. Do you know there are 33 segments in the spine? The first chapter of Genesis mentions the name of God 33 times. In Judaism, there is a mention of 33 steps to wisdom which consists of 22 paths, 10 globes, and the invisible Sephira, Daath.

  • Knowledge and love :

    Number 33 is a sea full of mystical energy. Unlike other signs, they are more than glad to share their power, knowledge, and wisdom around them. That is because the root number of 33(if added 3+3) is 6. Number 6 is always associated with family, community, love, and responsibility. Together, the numbers create a mind that is so harmonious, balanced and calm.

  • Keeping others before themselves :

    Sad thing is that, number 33 is so much focused on uplifting the spirituality of mankind that they often start to ignore their personal goals and desires. Often they are the ones who have sacrificed their life and energy for the well being of the others. They do not give much thought about themselves.

  • Devotional faith :

    They are very much devoted to their soul energy and believe in the working of a higher power. They have full devotion and conviction towards what they believe. That is why; they love to incorporate whatever the thoughts they have within their teaching.

  • Chakra Influence :

    Individuals with Master Number 33 experiences Kundali vibrations that reach up to the 33 levels of the spinal cord. This opens up all their Chakras and makes them avid seeker of knowledge, wisdom, and experience.

  • Career choices :

    In terms of career, they must take up professions that involve protecting and caring for a greater community. The most suitable career choices are priests, preacher, doctor, nurse, soldier, teacher, brokers, salesperson, and psychiatrists.

  • Adverse Impacts :

    They have excellent intuitions that help them to serve everyone better. However, sometimes aiding people drains them out too much. As a result, they become stark opposite to what they are. They become careless and unsympathetic to everyone’s gravest of plight. As a result, they slowly draw towards negativity and darker spectrum. They become self-obsessed and controlling which makes them actually lost utterly.


Conclusion :

Number 33 must learn where to strike their boundaries. They must not overburden themselves with the concept of helping others that ultimately leaves them dry. Making a balanced choice will make them retain their spiritually soothing nature.

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