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Numerology, an unusual aspect of occult science is an astral relationship between numbers and living beings or physical components

What is the basic calculation in Numerology

Each aspect of Numerology consists of the name, year, birth date and month of the individual. To reduce the digit, we tend to add up every number and if it comes to a double-digit, adding it up further. For example, if the birth date is 29-04-1995, then adding 2+9+0+4+1+9+9+5=39>3+9=12>1+2=3, the numerology of the person is 3. Now you know, how numerology adds up unless you are not getting the single digit real number.

What are Master Numbers ?

Going by the basic logic, Numerology consists of the number range from 0-9. Apart from this, designated range, there are few exceptions where certain double digit numbers are allowed in the Numerological charts. Those two digits are treated separately and have unique power and destiny that is far different, yet fascinating than its single digit counterparts. These double-digit numbers are known as the Master Numbers. They are unique, and they possess a certain amount of positive and negatives just like any other numbers. They also possess ethereal mystic power.

What makes them special ?

‘Master Numbers' are truly leading numbers that need masterful control and harnessing. Master Numbers comes with aura, and few gifted individuals are endowed with these special numerals. With tactful use of these numbers' power, individuals will enjoy immense success, joy, popularity and a great service to the community. However, if they are unable to understand the number's true essence and cannot control it, then they will wreak havoc and destruction.

The individuals who are gifted with the Master Numbers possess a tremendous amount of will power, mind energy, and strength. Having a Master Number is literally a blessing that anyone can ask for. They possess special cosmic aura, much larger than the individuals who are born with other numbers.

Children with master Number must be carefully handled and must be given the best sense of control and teachings. It is recommended for every parent to make the simple numerological calculations and find out if their child belongs to any master numbers and must be given task sand exercise to project these astral energies.

What are the numbers and how they are classified ?

Two of the primary Master Numbers in Numerology are 11 and 22. Other double-digit same numbers such as 33, 44, 55,66,77,99 are tool now recognized as master numbers in modern numerology. The master numbers accompanied by their root number (birth master number and name root number and vice versa) determines the final accentuation of the individual and his/her development into a dominant characteristic.

Master Numbers can be classified into two categories :

‘As Above’ Master Numbers :

  • Master Numbers 11,33,55,77 and 99 are considered to be the ‘As Above’ numbers. Spiritual lots, they are possessed by wonderful psychic sense.

  • They are very intuitive that makes them a regular in the world of spiritual and metaphysical pursuits.

  • They are excellent listeners, counselors and possess analysis power.

  • They can easily understand the inner needs of the people and empathize with them.

  • They can predict the inner thoughts and dilemma of an individual even baffling them.

  • As above folks must make use of their power for better, not for any negative purpose.

  • If used negatively, they can easily manipulate the people for their own selfish benefit.

  • A tip of advice: Always learn to utilize your unique potential judiciously.

‘So Below’ Master Numbers :

  • Master Numbers 22, 44, 66 and 88 are known as ‘So Below’ numbers.

  • They are keeper and harbinger of practicality and materialistic need that keep the earth going.

  • They contribute to the material world for improving lifestyle for better.

  • They are expertise in a financial situation and act as the motivator to come out from a crunch situation.

  • They are ideal for the professions of trading, teaching, law, and banking.

  • While young, they must learn to utilize their special gift.

  • Early usage constantly would lead them to excellent success and making a difference around them.

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