Baby Girl Name Starts with Letter P

Girl Names Starts with the alphabet P is here...

Girl NameMeaning
PaLord; Strong; One of Forth
PaadiniPleasing Song; Pleasing Song; also Padini
PaajasGoddess Laxmi, Firmness, Vigor, Strength, Glitter, Sheen, Brightness, Heaven and earth
PaakhiBird; Pure
PaalaviFirst Stanza of Poem
PaanchaaleeAnother Name of Draupadi
PaanchaliConsort of Pandavas, One from the kingdom of panchala, Draupadis name
PaarijataName of Lord Krishnas Favourite Flower
PaarthiviDaughter of the earth, Another name for Sita and Lakshmi
PaarulBeautiful, Practical, Kind, Name of a flower
PaarvateeWife of Lord Shiva
PaarvatiGoddess Durga, A patronymic of Daksha, Living in the mountain, Of the mountains
PaatalaGoddess Durga, Red in color
PaatalavatiWearing red-color attire
PaavaiBeautiful girl; Beautiful Girl; also Pavai
PaavanaHoly, Sacred, Freshness, Purity
PaavaniPurifier, Whose touch make you pure, Sacred
PaavnaOne who is pure; chaste
PaavniPurifier, Whose touch make you pure, Sacred
PaawaniHoney, Lord Hanuman, True, Holy
PaawniPurifier, Whose touch make you pure, Sacred
PachaiammaGreen Girl
PachimaComing from west
PacholiAn Aromatic Oil Used in Perfumery and to Make Attars
PadabaliA wreath of stanzas
PadamaLotus; Goddess Lakshmi
PadamavatiGoddess Lakshmi, Residing on lotus, An epithet of Lakshmi, An epithet of Goddess Manasa, Name of consort of Yudhishthir, Name of consort of Jaydev, Name of a river full of lotuses, Name of a city
PadhumaiSoft; Smooth; Beautiful Girl
PadidahA phenomenon
PadimniLike a Flower

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