Baby Girl Name Starts with Letter N

Girl Names Starts with the alphabet N is here...

Girl NameMeaning
NaMeaningful; God Name; Lord Venkateswara
NaadhiraVariant of Nadhira: Blooming. Flourishing.
NaadiyaVariant of Nadia: Caller. Announcer.
NaagasreeSnake God
NaagbaalaaSweet; Girl with a Snake
NaaheedVariant of Nahid: Elevated. Venus.
NaailaVariant of Na'ila: Winner.
NaajiVariant of Naji: Useful. Beneficial.
NaajiaVariant of Najia: Free. Escaped.
NaajidahCourageous; one who accompany. difficult tasks
NaamagalMagnificent Poetess, Orator
NaamnirmalOne who is Holy through Naam
NaamroopEmbodiment of Naam
NaamseetalAttaining Peace through Naam
NaamsukhAttaining Happiness through Naam
NaarahYoung person.
NaaraiYoung person.
NaarayaniBelonging to Naarayan, Another name for Goddess Durga, Goddess Lakshmi and the river Ganges, Vishnu or Krishna
NaasihaVariant of Nasiha: Advisor. Sincere.
NaasimaLeader, Fem of Nasim, Zephyr, Gentle
NaaswithaAnother Name of Goddess Parvati
NaasyaMiracle of God
NaatikaA play, With dancers and actors, A musical Raagini
NaatyaDance; Love
NaavarasiMagnificent Poetess, Orator
NaavyaWorth praising, Young, Praiseworthy
NaayantaraStar of Our Eyes
NaazPride; Variant of Naz: Pride. Delicacy.
NaaziaParadises Flowers; Queen; Pride; Princess
NaazimaVariant of Nazima: Poetess. Matron.
NaaziraVariant of Nazira: Onlooker.
NaazneenVariant of Naznin: Delicate. Belle.

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