Chandi Yantra

People, in various parts of the world, may be facing a lot of difficulty in every sphere of life. Chandi Yantra is one of the most powerful Yantra, as per Vedic Astrology, which is known to be the best for removing obstacles from any sphere of life. Ma Durga is represented in form of Goddess Chandi in the Chandi Yantra.

The Goddess is known as pure Shakti as well as a warrior, in all fields. Whenever evil powers have tried to rule the world, Devi Durga has fought with all her might; to defeat the negative and impure powers.
Chandi Yantra
Natives can visualize the picture of Devi Durga riding a tiger. Chandi Yantra can make you feel like you are sitting on the lap of Devi Durga, with all her power and control over any type of negative element, that has been attacking you for so long. As and when she moves forward in her way, she is carries on her mission of clearing all the obstacles, which you is been facing in your life. You may not realize the magnitude of the obstacle which is being secretly removed, by her. If you are been ruled by the Goddess and Chandi Yantra not a single negative power can attack you.

You can energize the Chandi Yantra simply by reciting the Durga Saptashati Mantra. These 700 verses are also known to praise the powers of Goddess Durga. You have to set up an ambience, where fire should be present in front of the Yantra, as well as the picture of Goddess Durga. With each verse, offerings are to be made to the powerful Goddess in the fire sacrifice.

A Yantra is a machine or an object or a religious diagram. It is actually built in copper. Yantras are the huge extraterrestrial conductors of force. We must take care about the fact that none should touch the yantra. Yantra is path or technique which is believed to be the shortest and simplest though which people may achieve their wishes and fulfill their longs. It is believed that the “Deities” is located in the Yantras. If we perform worship of the Yantras, we may pacify them, root out the unholy effects of any planet and increase course of the auspicious influences. We must maintain some procedures to place the Yantra.

Worship of Yantra may be done by the user himself or it may be presided by the pundits, priests or the gurus at the mandir.

Durga Saptasati is a thirteen chapter book from the Markendaya Purana credited to the Markendaya Rishi. This book expresses the way of annihilating and defeating the 2 demons (asura) namely Shumbha and Nishumbha by the goddess Chandi.

It should be noted that many yantras promise for wealth and happy life. They only help in concentrating our power and energy. We must work hard if we want result. They do not give any miracle.

Chandi Yantra is made up of pure silver. There are many organizations which provide the Durga Saptashati book absolutely free with every Chandi Yantra.

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