Baglamukhi Maha Yantra

Every individual makes enemies in their lifetime. The Baglamukhi Maha Yantra can help you over power your enemies. The Yantra can help win lawsuits, quarrels and competitions. Goddess Baglamukhi is the deity to whom the Yantra is dedicated. The powerful Yantra has to be worshiped with the support of a star. The period when Mars has maximum power is the perfect time for worship. The worshiper should wear a yellow dress, take up yellow flowers and sit on Yellow asana.
Baglamukhi Maha Yantra
During worship the worshiper has to take dhatura flower juice, turmeric and yellow orpiment to complete the worship. The Yantra must be placed on a copper plate. The Yantra can help eradicate the evil effects of souls, on your body as well on any member of your family. The Baglamukhi Maha Yantra may also help you win a gamble.

People who easily get cuts or need operations frequently could definitely use the Yantra to get positive effects. The placement of the Yantra is of utmost importance. It is of great importance that the Yantra is placed over a silver, gold, copper or bronze mental path. The worshiper can also wear the same around their neck. If you find it uncomfortable to wear, then you may also keep it in your puja ghar. There is a specific mantra which has to be recited daily by the worshiper.

Yantra is the emblematic representation of the deities and the gods. It may be engraved, painted or drawn on different substances such as silver, gold, crystal, copper, bone, birch, saligram or hide. At the time of forming a Yantra, rows and columns, dot, cryptic mantra, cryptic letter, hues, structures, etc. are applied. The painting and drawing of Yantras needs correctness, accuracy, control, attentiveness, tidiness and endurance. It helps the person to keep energetic, acute and attentive. It must be kept in mind the target, sitting time, proper balance, pen, ink, location, day and holy moments etc. Yantra is hugely applied as an emblematic object for achieving the philosophical state of attentiveness in the Tibetan Tantric and Hindu meditation. At the time of Yantra, proper mantra must be recited. It will identify the holy level of a person. As a result the individual will be enlightened with the power of deity and self – realization. It will liberate the individual from the birth’s cycle and rebirth’s cycle. Thus it helps in obtaining the everlasting immortality.

In Hindu Shastra, it is considered that Baglamukhi goddess places within a Yantra. It is considered as very holy for sacred performance. Yantra denotes the prayer of an individual before the almighty as a sign of tribute the respect to the said gods.

Many lawyers practicing in court have confirmed the beneficial results of the Yantra. Just after the pran pratistha is completed, the Yantra must be placed in the puja ghar or close to where all goddess and god are worshiped. During worship, the worshiper must take water in the right hand and sprinkle it over the Yantra; after pronouncing the mantra. The worship of this Yantra may help you fulfill all your desires.