Bajrang Yantra

If you are afraid of the influence of ghosts and spirits, then the Bajrang Yantra would be ideal for you. This Yantra can free you from all the bad effects of the evil eye.
Bajrang Yantra
Bajrang Yantra is dedicated to Lord Bajrang, who was a follower of Lord Ram. Whenever there is an influence of any negative power, Bajrang Bali comes to the rescue. Bajrang Yantra is the Yantra where Lord Hanuman resides.

Bajrang Yantra must be placed in a sacred and pure place at your home, and it must be worshiped with the recitation of the correct Mantras. Pronunciation of the wrong Mantra with the wrong Yantra is not unlikely.

Thus, proper knowledge of Mantra as well as its association with the Yantra is of great importance.

You must have a tool through which you can overcome your enemies. Bajrang Yantra may help you get power, vigor and authority. This particular Yantra may also be used in order to overcome enemies. If you have the malefic effects of Mars on your birth chart, it is very essential for you to perform a puja, with actual Mantra of Bajrang Yantra. If you wish to get success in any work, you should do the puja 40 days at a stretch with laung, Sindoor, beetle leaves as well as supari. Lord Hanuman is very auspicious for business.

God Bajrang Bali has been idolized from ancient age. It stands for courage, triumph in war or fight, eradicate hindrances and black magic, annihilating or obtaining free from the evil spirits, bhut, pret, pisach, victory in new course of actions, well health, obtainingg blessing of Bajrang Bali or other wishes. For this a large of devote have been worshiped him since the vedic age. Vedic Astrology has applied Shri Bajrang Mantra with the objective of connection to Bajrang Bali and got blessing from him in due course. The Bajrang Mantra is able to bless an inhabitant with many good consequences in the many areas of life. Because of this, lots of astrologers suggest to practice Bajrang Puja to their disciples. In Vedic Astrology Shri Bajrang Yantra is applied as a powerful medium to associate with Lord Bajrang and to obtain blessings of the lord. Many people have gained by setting up the Bajrang Yantra and by praying continuously.

It must be noticed that Bajrang Yantra will act accordingly if this yantra has been energised, purified and activated in accurate method by the Vedic Gurus.

The worshiper should remain pious during worship. You must be in the state of Barahmcharya and fast on every Tuesday. You will power may get a strengthened while meditating to Bajrang Yantra . There are many temples in India where Bajrang Bali is prayed and there are strong believers. Having Bajrang Yantra in home and praying every day may help a devotee to feel the same. It is not only lucky but also provided mental strength to a person. Any person who is mentally upset or weak or unable to fight with the circumstances should have this Yantra as a try and pray daily with full faith.

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