Vaastu Ideal Home

Vastu has a meaning itself. It deals with the nature of selecting a plot, making that plot ready to build a structure. Rectangular or Square shape plot is ideal for Vastu. At first we must construct a combine wall. That plot should be separated into 81 squares of same size with a plan.

This is not essential to make out the plot rules. The main entrance of a house rather situated elevated positions from the Northern Eastern side. It may be from North or East of Northern Eastern side. Naturally door can be at the Southern of Southern Eastern or Western of Northern Western direction. If it does not possible, you should locate the main door from the middle of any side. There must not be any obstacle or water substance opposite to the main door.

Balconies must be planned at the Eastern and Northern side. You must avoid South or West direction. Bigger balconies should be allowed to the Northern and Eastern side if you have to keep the balconies in South or West direction. Care must be taken when you provides balcony. The ideal location for kitchen is the Southern Eastern direction of the house. In alternative cases it can be in the Northern Western side though the cooking place must be arranged to ease cooking at the time of facing east. Location of kitchen is neither in Northern Eastern direction nor in Southern Western direction, because both the directions may create trouble in respect to finance or health condition.

Enough light, water and air are needed for human beings to live a pleasant life. So when a house is built, we must assure that house gets enough sunlight and air. There must be accessibility of water in the earth in the locality of the house. The sun beam has much type of energies. Every type of energy is suited for a special task. The plot separated into 81 squares which is known as “Ekasitipada Vastu”. These squares will present where to set up the pillar, where to locate the main gate, where to locate the kitchen room and other rooms, where to set up which kind of furniture.

The sun beam is known as “Vastu Purusha”, that means the god of all lands. The situation of the Vastu purusha changes day by day. It is also depends upon the seasons.

The main sleeping room must be constructed at the Southern Western side. You must not be placed a bed below the beam. Rectangle and square shape sleeping rooms are suitable for assuring peace and successfulness. Hanging images should be avoided as it shows violence or sadness.

We must be covered the mirrors or television at night. Your head must be at the south during sleep.