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What is personal year number numerology and  how to calculate

The Personal Year is the stepping stone to calculate your personalities based on your date of birth and the current year. It directly depends upon the Gregorian Calendar Year. You will get a clue about what is going to happen in your life.
To get your Personal year Number, first, reduce your total date of birth into a single digit. How will you get that? By adding all the numbers up present in the date of birth, you will get the life path number. Suppose your date of birth is 29th April 1995.
So take the digits of this date and add this up with each other. 2+9+0+4+1+9+9+5= 39.
Your Life Path Number is 3.Now take the current year of the calendar, 2019.
2+0+1+9= 12.
With the current year addition, you are getting the Universal Number. Universal Number signifies the energy of the universe. Combining it with your Life Path Number or the destiny, you are finally getting the total meaning of the Personal Year Number.
In this calculation, the universal Number is 3, and Life Path Number is 3. So adding up both of them, 3+3=6.
So let us take a brief tour among all the numbers starting from 1 to 9 in this Nine Year Personal year Cycle. Take a look :

  • Number 1, Ushering the New Beginning :

    The present year is the start of another multi-year cycle for you. This is an opportunity to explain your objectives, and it is an opportunity to follow up on them. Diligent work might be essential to get another endeavor going. Your physical quality will be up amid this year, maybe higher than it has been for quite a while, as you have some unique requirements for this new vitality.

  • Number 2, Stability, and cooperative Ventures :

    This isn't an opportunity to drive the issue and attempt to push ahead. It is a period for collaboration and building connections that will profit you later on. You should be set up for postponements, alternative routes, stoppages, and you should be tolerant. This is a period of little commitment, of aiding, and subtleties must be dealt with when they come up.

  • Number 3, Creativity, and Expandability :

    Love and liaisons may blossom. You are slanted to live to its fullest presently, regardless of whether you need to pay dearly later on. You are probably going to be progressively friendly, and the harness of duty will appear to be released a bit. You are slanted to dissipate your energies and attempt such a large number of things in the meantime.

  • Number 4, Slow and Steady wins the race :

    The earlier year unimportance will currently be overlooked, as the unavoidable truths that apply to everyone are spelled out. This is a time of diligent work and exertion when one must hunker down to the job that needs to be done. A time of diving in and establishing a correct amount of restraint.

  • Number 5, Freedom and Full loose :

    This is a year that has brought/will bring energy and experience and significantly more opportunity than you have encountered lately. This is a period for inclination free and free; for moving far from old schedules in a useful manner.

  • Number 6, Duty and love for family and domesticity :

    It might be a year when you are approached to make a few changes throughout your life or penances for those in your family or close friend network. This isn't generally a year for significant achievements, yet rather an opportunity to deal with those changes following your arrangements that might be fundamental or required, and for completing tasks began before.

  • Number 7, Understanding and Analysing the situations forth :

    This year ought to furnish you with some time for increasing some comprehension of yourself, and you can invest a decent piece of energy in the examination. It will be beneficial for you to spend energy alone or in moderate exercises, as free from outside obligations as could be allowed.

  • Number 8, Attain what you deserve :

    This is your capacity year, a period when you can make significant walks in your life. Coming after an extraordinarily reasonable and thoughtful period (the single year 7), you may begin feeling a few stirrings of desire. This is a time of essential choices and real accomplishments. Movement is your keynote now, and you will get yourself especially included and involved.

  • Number 9, Live what you deserve :

    This is a time of fruition, finishing, and when you are well-suited to take stock of the numerous components throughout your life, some of which you are no uncertainty pleased with, and others that you might need to change. You are probably going to investigate old qualities, goals, and the thoughts that you thought were significant.

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