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Number 4
People with the numerological 4 have their ruling planet as Rahu. This planet is also represented as the head of the demon snake. These people belong to that category who has a practical approach towards every instance of life. There are the people with practical background and have a mentality to be down to earth. Whatever theories they find out should be associated with minutes of details. They are well organized in whatever they do and are having a practical view.

The native have a proper strategy of completing their work without any interruption. In a well systematic way every work that they perform must be completed. Since they put all their efforts in a particular piece of work, they would therefore be accountable as well as having a behavior of friendship.  

4 is the number of the cosmos. Number 4 is the 1st non – prime number. Which is prime number? An integer that has no integral factors but itself and one is a prime number. Otherwise a prime number cannot be expressed. 2 can only be stated as 2 X 1. 3 can only be stated as 3 X 1. But number four is the first non – prime even number which is stated as 2 X 2.

People with numerology 4 have a capacity to work for the benefit of the world. They have a clean and clear mentality. Thus, they don’t have any tendency to make disguise of their appearance. They are really punctual in their life and love to be on time all the time. They also have a mentality to complete the work which is actually impossible for anyone to go ahead with. They are really a great fighter and hold a great position in whichever field they work. They give value to the tradition, beliefs and religion.

People of number 4 falls in love at a snail’s pace.

When the number 4 can learn to belief their innate wisdom and supervision then they will easily belief other people. Meditation may teach them. They will get the advantage more when they enjoy the pleasure of life.

Any job that occupies attentiveness is suitable for their personality.

They may also get success in the field of Mathematics, Science, bank or business. They may turn into a good author.

Since every individual have some negative traits, the person with numerology 4 will also have some negative characteristics. The stubborn attitude, rigidity as well as rebellion nature will affect their growth and rise. Since they don’t have an amicable nature, friends are really less in numbers. They have a tendency to rule as well as dominate people. Since they have a tendency to follow strict decorum at home and also in office, they can never be joyful and happy in their life.

The profession which will help them to excel in life are planners, politicians, accountants, Lawyers, technicians etc.

Also the disease which harms them are gloominess, problems in urinary system as well as respiratory system, breathlessness, depression etc