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Number 3
Jupiter is the ruling planet for numerological number as 3. These people are generally with a playful image. They are known as social animals in a real sense. They love to have an effort of socializing and do participate actively in any events of the society. Since they have a self confidence within themselves, they are even filled with all types of optimism in their behavior. Since they are playful, they have a carefree attitude towards people associated with them.

They would be a great artist as they are really good in imagination as well as artistic view. Even if there have been no individuals to inspire them, they have inbuilt inspiration in themselves as well as motivation to do a particular piece of job. 

People with these numerological traits have their own ideals as well as philosophy. Since they have very good communication skills, they will be good in journalism and mass communicator. Since they have zeal to enjoy every moment of life, they do not have a tendency to be serious in every occasion of life. They most important power tool will be their mode of communication.

Generally the people with number 3 as their numerological name are having a good association with love and romance. Thus, most of these people are engaged in a relationship. They are having a good respect towards their religion as well as tradition. These people are having a good focus with regards to adventure of their life. They are not so called disciplined people of the society as they do not follow any single rule to get organized.

Since they are emotional, their drawback would be the vulnerable nature. They cannot think of living alone as they are not among the group of people who have a belief in individualism and self centered mannerism. If a situation comes where they have to tackle with money, they find the situation to be really difficult. They have a habit of dictating their own ideas. The best profession for them would be acting, banking, teaching. Etc. They are also really good in becoming business executives, scientist as well as scholars.  

Numerology helps one to make out his own characteristic, his talents and aims in life, and his chances and challenges. Any numerology study of one’s personality includes 4 core numbers. They are Life path, birthday, soul urge and Expression.

Life Path Number is considered as the most significant number in the numerology. It shows the way one must follow throughout one’s life. It is the number which indicates one’s hidden abilities and innate skills which will help one on one’s way. This is obtained from manipulating the summation of month, day and birth’s year then reducing the summation in a single number.

Destiny number or expression number is 2nd most significant number in numerology. It is expressed one’s talents and natural skills. It is obtained by manipulating the summation of the values of all letters in one’s name. As an example – the letters in one’s birth certificate.

This number is denoted by a triangle. Its 3 sides denote matter, consciousness and force. This triangle is believed as an auspicious sign of the Supreme power.